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RESCHEDULED: to a new evening time slot!

10-Week Course ‘Curiosity and Connection’ with Valerie and Sarah

Feb 12-Apr 15, 2020
Wed 19.30–21.00
Gelber Raum
100 €

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The first class and the last class of this course will be led by both teachers, all others by either Valerie or Sarah. 

Could staying curious and opening your senses to your present experience help you rediscover the fullness of being alive?

We invite you to reclaim your sense of deep connection with yourself and the world around you: in other words to cultivate the state of yoga both in everyday life and on the mat. 

Inspired by their yellow yoga retreat last summer, Valerie and Sarah are offering a 10-week Wednesday course that will help you find easy ways to cultivate presence, curiosity and connection in your life.

Most sessions will include movement exploration/asanas but some won’t, focusing rather on meditation, journaling and reflection, partner work and group discussion. Through these and other tools you will explore the structures of your body and what feels good to you in the first few sessions, then move on to your connection to the other, and finally inquire into how you connect to the world around you.

Each session will include practical suggestions to rediscover your innate curiosity and explore ways to sustain it in daily life. The course aims to bring you closer to the different layers of yourself, to explore ways to connect with presence to others, and to rekindle your sense of being one with the world around you.

Open to all levels. You will need a journal for the duration of the course.


Sarah Labigne returned to Berlin in 2017 after spending 20 years in London, where she worked as a contemporary dancer and later was certified as a teacher by Yogacampus, having begun her own yoga practice 15 years earlier. She is interested in the possibilities our breath and our physical body (whatever its perceived potential) offer, to attain greater ease and freedom in skillfully navigating our everyday lives.
Sarah has a deep curiosity for somatic practices and studies (including BMC®). These ongoing explorations continue to shape her own practice as well as her teaching.

Valerie Hartwich is passionate about helping people experience more awareness, joy and agency in their lives using yoga and massage. This passion first brought her to study psychology, sociology and political science. After working in PR and events in Paris and Rio, she turned her childhood passion into a full-time career by retraining as a massage therapist and a yoga teacher after practising for 10 years. This gave her a wider toolset with which to empower people, and give them access to deep release, ease, and greater awareness of themselves. At the heart of her teaching is the dedication to find simple and effective tools to deal with the challenges that can arise in life.