10-Week Course: Embodied Yoga Anatomy with Amanda

Apr 22-Jun 24, 2020
Wed 19.30–21.00
Online Course
100 €  

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The human body is a real wonder, a microcosm of immense complexity. The yoga practice is a journey into this mostly unknown and ever-changing land. In this journey, anatomy can be a tool to develop sensitivity and awareness and, like a tourist guide, give us some helpful guidelines, not only to direct and make this journey safe, but also to make us aware of a potential we might not even imagine as we haven’t been there yet.

In this course we will explore basic notions of anatomy applied to the yoga practice, looking mainly at the skeletal, muscular and nervous system. The theoretical elements will be presented in an accessible, embodied and relevant way. No previous experience necessary!

The first part of the course will be dedicated to building a theoretical understanding of the anatomy of movement by looking at terminology, body systems, joints and structural limitations, basic notions of biomechanics, muscle structure and performativity, mechanoreceptors and reflexes. We will look at the nervous system, the role it plays in movement and how the practice affects it. The second part of the course will be dedicated to specific areas of the body, using anatomy as a tool to support body awareness and make our practice personalised and safe.

Anatomy and safety in the practice.
Alignment, stability, economical movement: gravity, biomechanics and the magic of minimum effort.
One asana, infinite variations: structural limitations, proprioception and the journey of making yoga yours.
The science of flexibility: reflexes, bodily memory and the role of the nervous system.
The sun and the moon within: understanding the effects of the practice. 

_MG_5165 12.35.17Amanda Morelli is a cultural anthropologist and is passionate about oriental studies. She has been practicing yoga since childhood. In 2011 she began teaching hatha yoga in Berlin. Her yoga practice is both precise and deep, creative and cross-pollinated by symbolism, subtle hints of physiology and an attuned awareness of anatomy. Great importance is given to the integration of movement and breath, the development of self awareness, and having respect for oneself and one’s body as the basis of a practice where every posture is vivified by the light of consciousness.