10-Week Course: Embodying the 5 Great Elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Space with Sarah

Apr 27-Jun 29, 2019
Sat 10.00–11.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
100 €  

Please note that May 18 will be led by Valerie and Jun 01 by Amanda.

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What are the distinctive qualities of these elements? How do they manifest in the microcosm of our body? How do we move in relation to these elements, and how do they move us?

In this 10-week course you will explore how you personally relate to each of the 5 Great Elements. Which ones do you easily connect to, which elements do you find more elusive, which qualities that each element stands for are ones you would like to be more present to? 

Each session will consist of a physical practice of asana (yoga postures) as well as more intuitive movement, borrowing techniques from other practices. We will use our somatic experience as a gateway to a clearer understanding of ‘how we tick’. Observing our breath will also play a key part. Introspection in the form of meditation and journaling will invite us to delve deeper still. 

Come with curiosity, a desire to discover more of yourself and with a willingness to explore familiar asanas from a new vantage point. 
All levels of experience welcome. 

Sarah Labigne returned to Berlin in 2017 after spending 20 years in London, where she worked as a Contemporary dancer and later was certified as a teacher by Yogacampus, having begun her own yoga practice 15 years earlier. She is interested in the possibilities our breath and our physical body (whatever its perceived potential) offer, to attain greater ease and freedom in skillfully navigating our everyday lives. Sarah has a deep curiosity for somatic practices and studies (including BMC®). These ongoing explorations continue to shape her own practice as well as her teaching.