10-Week Course: Introduction to Hatha Yoga with Alexandra

Sep 20-Nov 22, 2019
Fri 16.30-18.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48
135 €  

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The School of Shadow Yoga
Traditionally speaking there are only two kinds of yoga: The left-hand and the right-hand path. The right-hand path is known as Hatha Yoga with the goal of achieving Raja Yoga (the highest yoga). Shadow Yoga refers to the traditional view of Hatha Yoga and its groundwork (forms that are also termed preludes) build to assist the practitioner in climbing the mountain of Raja Yoga slowly, persistently and steadily. As you can imagine being able to climb a mountain, you have to prepare the body and mind bit by bit to not get lost or to get exhausted before you arrive.

How do we get prepared? Legwork in all forms is encouraged. Deep stances and fluid movements that are partly taken from martial arts and Shaolin Qi Gong become an excellent base to enliven the breath. Breath awareness and, appropriate use is used to sharpen the practitioner’s attention as not to stumble and fall when the asana work becomes more intense. To avoid pushing yourself, you use the breath to guide you deeper into postures.

What you will learn in this course
How to use a fluid form to destress and relax. The overall sensation is that both your female and male side become equally strong. You will get homework to take this practice into your own life and lifestyle. All classes are balanced to feel that your body has been moved appropriately and robustly while the mind will have time to absorb information that is giving through demonstration and time for Questions and Answers.

This prevention course can be subsidized by German statutory health insurance funds in accordance with §20 SGB V. The statutory health insurance companies reward the participation in our course and refund – depending on the health insurance – up to 80% of the course fees. Upon receipt of the registration confirmation, the participant first pays the full course fee. At the end of the course, the participant will be refunded the amount by submitting a confirmation of participation to their respective health insurance.

If you have any questions about the course, especially concerning the prevention course, please contact Alexandra directly.

Alexandra Kreis was born in Germany and moved to Ireland for 14 years where she owned a studio and massage clinic. In her 20s she picked up yoga due to her critical health. In her 30s she got introduced to Ayurveda and its common health practices. After her first teacher certification (2002) she deepened her studies with Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) and his wife Emma Balnaves through the Shadow Yoga practice. In 2009 she completed her Shadow Yoga Teacher training and is a dedicated teacher.