10-Week Course: Yoga Basic
with Amanda Morelli

Oct 18-Dec 20, 2017
We 14.45–16.15
Gelber Raum
100 €

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The Yoga Basics Course is designed to teach you the foundations of the practice of yoga. It’s open to all levels, from complete beginners to practitioners of some experience willing to give a theoretical frame to their practice.In this 10-week course you will get the chance to explore the important principles of groundedness and stability, alignment, polarity and minimum effort in a practice supported by basic notions of anatomy of movement; you will take the first steps along the path of pranayama, the yogic art of breathing, focusing on uncovering your essential breath and integrating breath and movement; through simple meditation techniques, deep relaxation and visualisations, you will learn the vital elements of mental attitude, concentration and awareness.

Each class will integrate practice and theory, with moments dedicated to questions and sharing.

-Alignment, polarity and stability in the yoga practice: the magic science of gravity and minimum effort
-Body, breath and mental force: what makes a posture an asana?
-The breath as inner teacher
-The simplicity of meditation
-Basic notions of anatomy for a safe practice
-Yogic tools in the everyday life

Amanda will be assisted by trainees to ensure maximum attention to personal needs.

amanda_neu1Amanda Morelli is a cultural anthropologist and is passionate about oriental studies. She has been practicing yoga since childhood. In 2011 she began teaching hatha yoga in Berlin. Her yoga practice is both precise and deep, creative and cross-pollinated by symbolism, subtle hints of physiology and an attuned awareness of anatomy. Great importance is given to the integration of movement and breath, the development of self awareness, and having respect for oneself and one’s body as the basis of a practice where every posture is vivified by the light of consciousness.