This morning challenge is held in English. This is why the below information is in English.

2-week morning challenge: “Meridian Yoga” with Carolina Fanti
Oct 30 – Nov 10, 2023
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & online

This 2-week morning challenge is held Online via Zoom and in Studio Sonne. You will receive the Zoom-Info to join the morning challenge online together with your booking confirmation via e-mail

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The Meridian Yoga morning challenge is an offer to dive deep into the combination of two ancient practices: Yoga and Chinese Medicine. The challenge is dedicated to supporting individuals on the path toward self-knowledge, healing and body awareness.

We explore and combine the energy systems or meridians, organs and emotions with the traditional yoga philosophy and techniques to lead you through a new way of healing the body – therapheutic yoga.
You will be introduced to asanas and self-acupressure, focusing on the intelligence of our organs and how this intuition and mindfulness affect our emotional balance and energy levels. The sequences include the physical and energetic anatomy of the pose, dialogue, adjustments and alignment. They are accessible to all levels and an opportunity to feel the meridians and learn acupressure points within traditional asana practice.

Self-acupressure can be a very gentle and relaxing experience that regulates the body through the nervous system. Acupressure points are places along the meridians, where energy tends to build up. You can access the entire meridian through each point.
What moves the breath, moves prana. If this is compromised, the breath and emotions are blocked, resulting in stagnation of Qi or energy. The yoga asanas help to move the energy through the pathways from organs to extremities.

Week 1
– What are meridians? (12 meridians – 12 organs, divided in Yin and Yang)
– Which connections have meridians with the chakras, elements and emotions?
– Practice of sequences based on main organs such as the Stomach, heart and lung.

Week 2
– Practice sequences based on specific organs such as the liver, gall bladder, kidney and bladder.
– Learn powerful techniques and a new way to see mind-body-emotions as a whole.
“Through the pathways, we can affect the mind & emotions. Through our thoughts, we can affect the energy in the pathways”

All levels are welcome.

Carolina was born in Bologna, Italy, where she lived until finishing her BA in the Academy of Fine Arts. She moved between Italy, Bruxelles and Berlin, where she has lived since 2019. Her body background is based on ballet study, but her curiosity about the eternal potential of the body and its language, brought her to become a performer and contemporary dancer, working for different companies and projects. She discovered yoga at 17, because her mum was doing it. She found a big book of yoga in her library, she read it all and since then she’s never stopped to flow and practice. After some years of continuous practicing of different yoga styles, somatic approaches and oriental disciplines, she decided to deepen her practice by following Power Vinyasa Yoga teacher training. After that, she focused on Yin Yoga and Meridian Yoga Therapy based on Chinese Medicine.

Carolina’s teaching is a journey into the inner body to discover the progressive path to a real connection with ourselves. She leads you to connect with the emotional, spiritual and physical axis, driving into the body’s anatomy and alignments, focusing on all senses and perceptions of the body moving in the present. She wants to learn more than she can, trusting curiosity as the meaning of life, she wishes to plant this seed in every student.