2-week morning challenge: „Spring Awakening“ with Julia Aheimer
Mar 20 – Mar 31, 2023
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE + Recording

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This 2-week morning challenge is held in Studio Sonne and online via Zoom.

Yoga and meditation can benefit our relaxation and inner balance and calm us down, but it can also challenge us, build strength, resistance, and create more energy. Our practice can change daily from the inside out, according to our mood, our energy level and daily challenges. But it is also influenced by more permanent factors like the seasons, the spaces we practice in and our greater life circumstances.

How are the two effects related? How do we know, which practice is the right one for us? How does meditation play into this and influence our performance, as well as our relaxation?

Moving from a softer to a more energetic asana practice, from yin to yang, this challenge is an opportunity to get to know varying intensity levels of vinyasa flow, and to find out how they can benefit your body at different times. Accompanied by meditation, you will experience two weeks of waking up body and mind, to become more intentional with your practices, and more focused for the year ahead. 

During these two weeks, you will gain a deeper understanding of how the seasons affect our bodies and energy levels and how you can adjust your practice according to your life circumstances. This can help establish a lasting regular practice and give you tools you can use permanently. You will be introduced to methods of meditation, manifestation and visualization. The challenge can serve as an anchor for participants to work on their personal challenges.

Week 1
-introduction to the benefits of yin/yang practice and meditation
-How do the seasons influence our energy levels?
-How can we practice more purposeful?
-soft vinyasa practice, meditation and manifestation
-opportunities to share your experiences

Week 2
-gaining a deeper understanding of energizing and relaxing asana practice
-How can we build resilience and courage in our practice?
-How can our practice support your personal journey?
-dynamic vinyasa practice and longer periods of meditation and visualization
-sharing circle and closing ceremony

Julia is a yin yoga and vinyasa teacher based in Berlin. She started her yoga practice in her early twenties as a dedicated power yoga student. Today, quieter practices like yin and restorative yoga, as well as meditation have become more important to her. 

Since 2017, Julia had dedicated more of her life to yoga. She became a certified vinyasa teacher at Spirit Yoga as well as a certified yin yoga teacher with Valerie Hartwich and Liina Tael. She has since experienced a deeper connection to herself and a clearer knowledge of her needs and desires. She gained trust in her intuition and wisdom of her body, after years of struggling with body image and self-acceptance. Julia wants to pass this on to her students. She is teaching with compassion and humor and loves to accompany others on their paths.