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10-Week Lecture Series: ‘Create Self-Love through Yoga and Ayurveda Rituals’ with Alex

Jan 11–Mar 14, 2020
Sa 13.30–15.00
Gelber Raum, Mariannenstr. 48

It is possible to drop into the lectures individually for the price of 12€ per class. Yogis with flatrates and USC-members can check in as usual and then pay an additional 4€ for each lecture.

In this 10-week lecture series on the topic of self-love, we will be looking at two basic concepts of ayurveda and yoga. One is our daily routines (dinarcharya) and their underlying connection with the yamas and niyamas of Patanjali. Your practice has brought you on a path and now you have a chance to dive deeper into radiance, self-love, trust and longevity by observing these simple rituals and making slight adjustments your day-to-day habits. I strongly believe that in this way you can deeply heal yourself and reconnect with the world around you.

What you will learn in this lecture series:

  1. The four aims of yoga: Moksha, Dharma, Kama, Artha (Jan 11)
  2. Our four tendencies to self sabotage (Jan 18)
  3. Creating vitality through rhythmic living (Jan 25)
  4. Prakruti – your personal make up as a unique human being (Feb 01)
  5. Brahmamuhurta and Brahmacharya – Depth of living without much effort (Feb 08)
  6. Spiritual materialism in yoga practices (Feb 15)
  7. Mitahara –  rhythmic eating and resting as tools to enhance creativity (Feb 22)
  8. Your sense organs beyond their usual task (Feb 29)
  9. Abhyanga – cohesion and self-trust in your hands (Mar 07)
  10. The joy of living – or “beware of the mind monsters” (Mar 14)

_MG_9031_korr Alexandra was born in Germany and moved to Ireland for 14 years where she owned a studio and massage clinic. In her 20s she picked up yoga due to her critical health. In her 30s she got introduced to Ayurveda and its common health practices. After her first teacher certification (2002) she deepened her studies with Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) and his wife Emma Balnaves through the Shadow Yoga practice. In 2009 she completed her Shadow Yoga Teacher training and is a dedicated teacher.