3-Week Morning Challenge: 108 Sun Salutation Ritual
Arriving, Maintaining, Departing with Naomi Mark

Jan 29-Feb 16, 2018
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne
130 €

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Surya Namaskar, the sun salutation, is a sequence of asanas practiced in various forms of yoga. This sequence warms the body, preparing it for deeper asana work, connecting the body to the vital energy of the sun.  The 108 sun salutation ritual is a practice of meditation and movement. It is where we learn how to create a space for devotion and discipline without becoming rigid and hard on ourselves. In this yoga challenge we dive deeper into the alignment of the asanas and the different elements of the sun salutation sequence. We will gradually prepare the body and mind for this ritual, combining theory and practice, work and relaxation. All levels are welcome.

Week 1
The story of the ritual
– Anatomy

Explore the alignment of the asanas that comprise the sun salutation
– Fine tune our salutation, adjusting it to individual needs and shapes
– Focus on the first 27 salutations

Week 2
Mindfulness of breath and transitions

Study the connections between the asanas
– Find the balance between attention to detail and bigger picture thinking
– Come into the breath
– Build up to 54 salutations

Week 3
– ‘
Tapas‘: The heat, passion, and joy of yoga

Work with meditation within movement
– Cultivate curiosity, repetition, and devotion without judgment
– Complete the full ritual of 108 salutations

_mg_5395Naomi Mark has been into dance and movement since childhood and entered the world of yoga in 2005. At that time, she worked for Physicians for Human Rights and was involved in a range of political struggles, mainly with prisoners and refugees’ rights in Israel. Naomi had completed her first 200H yoga teacher training in the vinyasa yoga school in Rishikesh (India) and the second 300H course in Om yoga by Cyndi Lee in Berlin.