3-Week Morning Challenge: Core Yoga
with Jessy Tuddenham

Apr 23-May 11, 2018
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne
130 €

Rescheduling of the holidays will be discussed with the group at the first day.

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In the Core Yoga challenge we take an expanded view of our core to include the full length of the spine and the structures that inhabit this area. The goal is to explore a variety of ways to align ourselves around the spinal column and thus to bring health and vitality to the organs and nerves of the body. We will look at the functional anatomy of the torso, from bones to muscles to the nervous system, and compliment the material facts with an abstract anatomy of guided imagery. We build a strong core as much through muscular training as through intention, and the play of tension and relaxation is a key to achieving a healthy center. A strong and spacious core is also a key to opening the joint spaces where limbs connect to torso. In the emotional realm, the core of the body acts as a sink for stress, creating holding patterns that cue the brain it is in distress. Practiced activation and relaxation of specific core muscles can help rebalance our overactive states of vigilance. Core awareness will open your physical presence and do wonders for your emotional strength!

Week 1
Bones and Breath

A broad look at the major bones of the torso and their function in body stability and movement. Aligning the postures from the skeletal system out to bring fluidity to the shape. A variety of breathing techniques will be introduced that will accompany us through the full challenge.

Week 2
Muscles and Organs

A broad look and the major muscles of the torso and their function in body stability and movement. Increased understanding of muscular anatomy and how to build strength and length. An overview of the major organs of the body and how to feed into these structures.

Week 3
Nerves and Prana

A general overview of the nervous system, how it functions and what this might say about the psychology of the spine. We will explore how the physiology of nerves feed our states of vigilance in yoga and in life. We will leave bones and muscles behind to hold ourselves in postures through energetic alignment.

Each week of the challenge will include short lectures and visual anatomy examples. Every day we will practice holding and moving in challenging postures as well as sinking and releasing into deliberate relaxations. One class each week will feature a laboratory approach to anatomy and the asanas and include partner work. The physical practice will build slowly upon itself and return again and again to places we know, so that we can find ever deeper layers of presence in familiar spots.

Jessy1_neuJessy Tuddenham is a dancer, performer, storyteller, and… YOGA teacher! She is certified through the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation of Kerala, India with Advanced Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy certificates. Her classes flow with the influence of many physical and energetic practices, and a long line of inspiring teachers.