This morning challenge is held in English. This is why the below information is in English.

3-week morning challenge „Embracing the light: summer solstice self-care and rituals“ with Malu Lopez

May 30 – Jun 16, 2023
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
(first day of the challenge is Tue, May 30, because May 29 is a bank holiday)
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE

This 3-week morning challenge is held in Studio Sonne and online via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom-Info to join the morning challenge together with your booking confirmation via e-mail.

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As we transition into the season of longer, warmer days, now is the time to ask:
How do I stay centered while dealing with the exuberant energy of this season?
What are the tools that will support me in this transition?
What can I allow to shift, grow, expand, clear, and create?

Having a daily morning routine, shared with other people, can make you feel more grounded and connected. In this course, we will daily move through a potent combination of kundalini-inspired asana, somatic shakedowns, mantra, and breathwork to unlock the force of the spirit and create change in the nervous system.

We will deeply explore the qualities of faith and trust, sharing practices that help us experience belongingness, meaningful connection, and collective identity.

We will allow moments for silence, journaling, sharing and filling up the well of community wisdom.

The course will close with some practical suggestions for how to take this work back into our lives and create simple, yet beautiful rituals that keep us connected to that creative, bubbling well of energy.

Open to all levels. Please bring comfortable clothes and a journal with you.

Week 1
– Exploration of the notion of ritual
– Coming together and setting our intentions
– Basics of the kundalini yoga practice
– Getting physical: Tools to prepare the body for meditation

Week 2
– Exploration of the notion of self and self-care
– The nervous system pathways
– Somatics, breathwork, and mantra
– The negative, neutral, and positive mind
– The relevance of addressing limiting core beliefs

Week 3
– Exploration of the notions of trust and faith
– Kundalini yoga for intuition
– What’s the aura?
– Working on the subconscious
– Embracing the mystery
– Implementing day-to-day self care rituals

Malu teaches kundalini yoga in an open-minded, non-dogmatic way by encouraging personal agency and intuitive capacity of practitioners over rigidity and formality. She would describe her approach as curious, intuitive, caring, buoyant, fun, energetic, kind and spiritual. Her practice is the culmination of a deep and ongoing research about what contemporary yoga is all about. A motto she goes by: Yoga is ancient, but it is not timeless. By stopping for a moment to consider yoga’s past, we can recognize the crucial role that all of us can and must play in shaping its future. In her classes she integrates a variety of tools which she finds useful for opening up, cultivating resiliance, releasing blockages, and engaging with life in a new way.