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3-Week Morning Challenge: Flow into 2019
Ignite your Fire with Zoë Knights

Jan 07-25, 2019
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne
140 €

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This 3 week intensive course is designed to cultivate more space and energy in your body, mind and spirit as you celebrate your journey into the New Year – to help you let go of that which no longer serves your growth, and create possibilities for more stability, clarity and lightness in 2019. With a focus on cleansing and detoxifying asanas and breath practices, as well as daily meditation, the aim is to calm and focus the mind as we clear the body. Cultivate curiosity for your own body and deepen the awareness of the rhythm and meditative flow of your practice through the breath. When we consciously link movement and breath into one flow we develop a meditative concentration on a single object (Dharana), allowing our consciousness to stay in the present moment. Asana practice will focus on cleansing postures which increase circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, tone the organs, decrease tension and toxins, boost the immune system and improve overall health. Balancing steadiness (Sthira) and ease (Sukha) in our practice we create the space to move with presence and awareness within each pose and throughout our days. We will build up this class slowly over the 3 weeks so you can establish more mindfulness and continuous flow in your practice. Daily classes are composed of some theory, flowing standing warm ups and seated asana work, and include meditation and breath work.

Week 1. Grounding Practices
Cultivating sthira (steadiness)
– Asana: grounding, stabilizing, building strength, understanding how to release weight, basic alignment principles
Ujjayi breath
Anuloma viloma pranayama
Mula bandha

Week 2. Igniting your Inner Fire
Cultivating energetic flow
– Coordinating and sequencing breath and body
– Correct anatomy of twisted asanas
Uddiyana bandha

Week 3. Cultivating Lightness
Cultivating sukha (ease): bring lightness into your practice and daily life
– Deepening detoxifying breathing and asana practices
– Manifesting a graceful rhythm and meditative flow.

The course can be partially tailored to the group. Some knowledge of yoga, or some yoga experience, is preferred but not essential.

Ideally it is best not to eat 2 hours before the class, and drink no less than half an hour before the class. Preferably only drink warm water, or non-caffeinated herbal teas.


Zoë Knights aims through her teaching to help students to develop a more refined consciousness of their body and breath as tools for transformation. With a focus on rediscovering intrinsic equilibrium, the body’s natural state of balance, the class tends to move through a deep, intense and graceful progression of postures. We explore the  principles of alignment and initiation, in order to encourage a physical and energetic environment conducive to the cultivation of a compassionate practice. Each class is adapted to the specific needs of the students present. Zoë relishes inquisitiveness and a sense of humor.