Diese 3-Wochen Morgen Challenge wird in englischer Sprache unterrichtet,
deshalb sind alle Informationen auf dieser Seite ausschließlich in englisch.

3-Week Morning Challenge:
‘Practicing Self-Care With Kundalini Yoga’ with Éric

Feb 17-Mar 06, 2020
Mon-Fri 8.30-10.00
Studio Sonne; Sonnenallee 67

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How can we use our yoga practice to invite more self-care into our life?
How can we invite more self-care into a practice that is sometimes tough?

Each time you come to class you bring your habits and your relationship to yourself to the mat. What you do there is often a mirror of what you do in your daily life. The yoga practice is a place to try out new things and experiment. It’s a space to discover other ways of relating to your self by stepping out of your comfort zone for a while and discovering what lies beyond.

During these three weeks, together we will explore together how to create a practice of tender self-care using kundalini yoga. Kundalini yoga can give you the tools and the drive to make changes in your life and make steps towards more self-love. It can be a messy and demanding journey, but it’s also so exciting and so rewarding. We are all warriors of self-love.

Together we’ll create a space for a deep and loving practice, for asking questions, and sharing experiences.

Both absolute beginners and experienced yogis are very welcome. All you need is a curious mind, an open heart, and a pair of lungs.

Week 1: (Re)Discovering kundalini yoga
– coming together and sharing our intentions
– basics of the kundalini yoga practice
– exploration of the notion of self-care

Week 2: Using our yoga practice for self-care
– yogic concepts: breath, prana, three minds, chakras etc.
– deepening the practice and playing with our edge
– bringing yogic teachings to our daily life

Week 3: Using self-care in our yoga practice
– questioning our habits during the practice
– integrating the teacher around us and the teacher within us
– finding our own personal way

_mg_5703Éric Leclercq studied Computer Science and worked for a decade for big companies in Europe. He randomly stepped in a studio for his first yoga class and ended up crying during Shavasana. As he started to practice yoga more intensively he began to feel a strong calling towards Kundalini Yoga. He eventually decided to train to become a teacher and share his enthusiasm with others. Éric sees the scientific and the spiritual as wonderful tools that complete each other, helping us give meaning to the world.