3-Week Morning Challenge:
‘Taking Yoga off the Mat’ with Valerie

Feb 18-Mar 08, 2019
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
140 €

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Svadhyaya – the study of the self as a central yogic practice

The practice of yoga incorporates the study of our body, mind, heart and relationship to the world and life happening around us. This is called Svadhyaya, and it`s a crucial tool that brings us into a deeper state of union, or yoga, through the development of our awareness into all the areas of our lives. It gives us an understanding of how we function, as well as what we can do to bring more balance and agency into our lives. This is essential for yoga to be a deeply transformative practice that helps us and those around us.

We will work with a range of practices and tools, drawn from various yoga lineages, and other self-study practices to explore our relationships in and to our body, to our identity as ‘me’, and to the world around us. These will include partner work, journaling, meditations, vinyasa, yin, somatic yoga and breath work.

At the end of our time together you will have a clearer picture of who you are and how you work, what you must be mindful of, and tools to help you deal with specific situations and circumstances.

Week 1: The body – connections – potential – needs
– A brief look at our incredible anatomy and all its interconnections, from breath, nervous system, through to bones, muscles and fascia
– A discovery of proprioception, interception and what they can help us with
– Vinyasa, yin, somatic yoga, breath meditation in movement and in stillness, journalling, partner work

Week 2: Self/Identity/Emotions – patterns – choice – discovery
– A brief look at how thoughts and emotions affect our physical and non physical state, and a link to koshas
– A look at whether yoga is a search for a better version of ourselves or a better understanding and relation to ourselves
– Vinyasa, yin, somatic yoga, journaling, breath meditation in movement and stillness, partner work, observation of our self-talk, embodiment work using asanas as metaphors

Week 3: The world and I – relations – agency – responsibility
– A brief introduction into how our relationships and behaviors hold the key to deeper patterns of our identity/ego
– Vinyasa, yin, somatic yoga, embodiment work using asanas as metaphors, aikido, partner work, journaling, reflection on asana likes and dislikes
– Balance sheet of personal patterns in body, mind/heart and in the world, with tools to help, and self-practice


Valerie Hartwich is passionate about helping people experience more awareness, joy and agency in their lives using yoga and massage. This passion first brought her to study psychology, sociology and political science. After working in PR and events in Paris and Rio, she turned her childhood passion into a full time career by retraining as a massage therapist and a yoga teacher after practicing for 10 years. This gave her a wider toolset with which to empower people, and give them access to deep release, ease, and greater awareness of themselves.

At the heart of her teaching is the dedication to find simple and effective tools to deal with the challenges that can arise in life.