The following morning-challenge is held in English and therefore the information is in English only.

3-Week Morning Challenge: “Tapping into your Creative Potential” with Paula

Jun 01-19, 2020
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
140 €

We will host this 3-week morning challenge online via zoom. You receive the link with the meeting ID shortly before the start of the morning-challenge.

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Kundalini energy resides within all of us. Some of us have an innate connection and some of us need to consciously activate the sleeping snake. We are all artists and we are all creating at any given moment. We are creating through the power of our thoughts, words and actions. We hear the word creative and we think, painter, poet, musician, dancer, but it goes way beyond that. Creativity is; how are we communicating with others, what is our impact on others, how do we find solutions, how do we use our imagination, if at all? Are we even aware of the power of imagination? How awake are we, and how do we read into the environment and deal with the incoming data.

The next 3 weeks will offer methods to release creative blocks in whatever form they come and to get the creative juices flowing by practicing yoga and meditation. I invite you to experiment with yourself and your creative potential over the next 3 weeks, through the practice of kundalini yoga.

Week 1
– Introduction to kundalini yoga and kundalini energy
– A range of kriyas (set of exercises) related to activating your creative potential
– A variety of meditations to release blocks and to enhance your creativity

Week 2
– Feedback from the previous week and deeper insights into kundalini
Creativity kriyas for the coming week
– Meditations for the week related to creativity

Week 3
– Group feedback and drawing conclusions
Kriyas for creativity within and beyond the challenge
– Final deep dive into meditations

_mg_5061Paula Malherbe is originally from South Africa. She has been practising Kundalini Yoga since 2001. The effects of Kundalini Yoga have been profound for her and she has experienced, over the years, a deeper understanding of herself in all its facets. Kundalini Yoga has given her focus, balance and clarity. It is an on going journey of growth and discovery.