3-week morning challenge: „Upleveling Your Practice: Arm Balance & Inversion Yoga Immersion“ with Kat Schamens
Jan 31-Feb 18, 2022
Mo-Fr 08.00–09.30
Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & ONLINE + Recording

To join ONLINE please register here.
To join in GELBER RAUM register here (2G rule without a test but with distancing).

Practice and all will come.
Upleveling your practice is discovering the art of flying in an immersion designed to bring you back into your body every morning with the opportunity to traverse the comfort zone into a practice of growth. To maintain „an advanced practice“ it’s important to show up regularly to build strength, enhance flexibility, and discover your own tricks. Our bodies are magnificently magical and hold so much power to heal and transform. While the asana practice comprises a fraction of the totality of the yoga practice, we can learn a great deal about ourselves by shape shifting in physical form and witnessing how the mind reacts to challenges on the mat. 

In this morning challenge you can expect:
– morning intermediate practices, tools and techniques to fine-tune your arm.
– balances/inversions/deeper expressions of asanas.
– an opportunity for growth.
– time to break down the more challenging poses so that there is time to play.

When we learn to overcome the challenges on the mat, we can take on challenges in life with a sense of grace while staying connected to our center of peace. 

*yellow yoga will record the morning challenge and the recording will be available to watch for 48h for all yogis. The recording won´t be available for download and will be deleted after 48h. By registering for this morning challenge you agree to being recorded and accept that the recording will be sent out to all the yogis who join this morning challenge.

Kat is passionate about sharing her love for yoga, having experienced first-hand the powerful impact that the practice can have on all aspects of our lives and all layers of the body. She has been actively practising yoga since 2006 and teaching since 2012, and has completed over 1000 hours of training including vinyasa, yin, creative sequencing, Ayurveda, Dharma Yoga, advanced asanas, subtle body, meditation techniques, psychic development, Yoga Nidra, aromatherapy, kids yoga, and Forrest Yoga.

She takes the yoga practice seriously, but has a playful and whimsical approach to teaching, and her classes are infused with a mix of intelligent insights and light-heartedness. There is always space offered to have fun, especially when approaching more challenging aspects of the practice.

Kat’s optimism in the face of challenges paid off in the summer of 2019 when she miraculously survived a car accident that left her with a broken C2, rib, and left arm. After dedicating many hours of her life to official yoga training courses, she can honestly say that her accident was the biggest learning experience she has ever had.

She spent the next few months applying what she had learned over the past years in order to heal herself both mentally and physically. Throughout that time, she found ways to connect with others who were struggling with pain and stress, or just looking to enhance their sense of well being. She has now started incorporating sound healing and reiki (master level) into her sessions to create subtle shifts and to elevate the overall transformational experience. She aims to inspire every individual to find their inner sparkle – in order to heal, transform, and create a stronger connection to their divine essence within.