3-week morning-challenge „Yin & Rituals“ with Yanina Prenzlau
Sep 26-Oct 14, 2022
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE

To join ONLINE please register here.
To join in Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) register here.

This morning-challenge is held Online via Zoom and in Studio Sonne.

You will receive the Zoom-Info to join the morning-challenge together with your booking confirmation via e-mail. Yogis who register for the online format are not allowed to join in-studio (due to the limited number of participants in Studio Sonne).
Yellow yoga will record the morning-challenge and the recording will be available to watch for 48h for all yogis.

There is a voice which doesn’t use words. Listen.” – Rumi

Soon we will shift from summer to fall – from being outside, open and fiery into retreating step by step, becoming aware of what will nurture us during the darker months.
A combination of Yin and Rituals can support this transition.

This morning challenge will help you explore the yin side of your being – something that is part of all of us. Yin is associated with slowness, equanimity, passiveness, water, autumn and the moon. Yin and Rituals is an invitation to discover this side of your nature, to open it up and listen closely. Yin Yoga, Yin Meditation, yoga theory about the Buddhist Goddess Quan Yin, soul to soul conversations and lots of space to deepen your connection to your body and explore the asanas commonly found in a yin practice is part of the journey. We will also try to link our daily yin practice to the sacred in life – this being something different for each and every person joining this space. We will explore the idea of how a slow, intentional yin approach to lifeacts as a source of contrast and balance, a radical expression of self-care and a transformative practice in our yang-dominated culture and way of life.

Rituals embody what matters to you by putting your values into practice. Rituals provide structure and renewal, facilitate change and may unlock your potential. We will look into different forms and kinds of rituals, experiencing them together first and then having the opportunity to feel into them individually, in your own time and space. During the 3 weeks of this morning challenge you will develop a personal routine for yourself, your very own (daily) ritual which can deepen your spiritual connection to your deeper self and your inner spark.

Week 1 – Connection
– Yin Yoga practice
– Listening and understanding my own yin side
– Insights on Quan Yin – the goddess of compassion
– Yin Meditation
– Exploring and getting to know different rituals

Week 2 – Exploration
– Yin Yoga practice
– Yin Meditation
– Soul to Soul conversations with a guide by Michael Möller
– Self-exploration of (yin) asanas and rituals

Week 3 – Manifestation
– Deeper exploration of Yin asanas
– Yin Meditation
– Creating your own Yin Yoga sequence
– Forming your personalised ritual to take into your daily life

Everyone regardless of their previous experience with yin yoga is welcome to join this morning challenge, which aims to create a space where everyone feels comfortable and accepted.

Yanina has been fascinated with the body since more than 30 years now. Being a sports scientist (graduate from the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln), she has in-depth knowledge of the body’s structure like its muscles, anatomy and performance abilities and capabilities. But ever since being a Yoga Teacher she has truly understood that there is much more to the body than only its structure – there is the breath which can open up new horizons underneath the skin, there is the body awareness that can change the way you feel inside and there is the natural body intelligence which you can listen to in order to sense your boundaries and thus also what you really need and want.

As a trainer in (critical) political education she is very aware of the different histories and experiences our bodies and minds have been involved in throughout our life. This is why she aims at creating a safe space for every human being in order to fully unfold and feel welcome. She has started a training in systemic body therapy and has been on the path of shamanic practices for a while now. Yin Yoga has paved the path of truly going into a conversation with one’s inner worlds – may they be spiritually flavored or very down to earth.