3-Week Morning Challenge: Yoga Essentials
Explore the Fundamental Elements of Yoga with Anya Kinneavy

Feb 19-Mar 09, 2018
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00
Studio Sonne
130 €

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This 3-week morning intensive course will explore the major elements of yoga. Each day will include a well-rounded physical yoga practice with a particular focus and will conclude with a guided meditation to let you start the day centred, calm and clear.

– What does it mean to practice yoga? What are we really doing?
– Alignment in the key asanas & your body
– A detailed look at the sun salutations
– What we really mean with om, namaste, and more…
– Energetics: nadis and chakras
– The purpose and practice of meditation
– The breath
– Bringing yogic clarity into your daily life

Week 1
We will look at key yogic concepts: the underlying philosophy, the 8 limbs of the yoga path, key concepts such as sthira sukham asanam, ‘seeing through the filter’(avidya) and the purpose and practice of meditation. Physically, we will look at key alignment techniques and explore the breath, we will experience how to move in a healthy way and how to adapt the poses to suit your own individual body.

Weeks 2 and 3
We will delve beyond the physical ‘layer’ to explore the body’s energetics
– nadis, chakras and how they relate to our psychology, emotions and daily life. We will deepen our journey into meditation and explore how our practice on the mat can merge positively with our daily life.

This morning practice is for anyone who wants to create a solid foundation of understanding of the ‘bigger picture’ of yoga, anyone who wants to ask questions and get answers, and anyone who wants to bring a greater depth and confidence into their future yoga practice.

Anya_Kinneavy_PortraitAnya Kinneavy has been teaching Yoga in Berlin since 2009. She teaches the whole path of yoga, integrating the ancient and valuable roots of Vedanta philosophy with a modern-day awareness of the natural biomechanics of the individual body. Her classes guide students back to a sense of natural lightness, brightness and simplicity in the fullness of what is already here and now.