3-week morning challenge „Exploring the subtle body“ with Paula Malherbe
Apr 17 – May 5, 2023
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE

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This 3-week morning challenge is held in Studio Sonne and online via Zoom. You will receive the Zoom link together with your booking confirmation via e-mail.

What do we mean when we talk about the subtle body? What does it consist of? In this 3-week morning challenge we start to experience that we are more than just our physical bodies. If we want to understand the mystery of who we are, we need to delve into the world of the subtle.

“Part of the physical wisdom we find in the body comes from its connection to the subtle realm. The body is physical. We can see it with our eyes. But the body also has another field of energy and activity that we cannot see with the eye. Yogis who have trained themselves to see this energy field say it is like light radiating in complex patterns from each cell of the body. It is fluid and constantly moving. In that whirlpool of activity, there are subtle vortexes that interconnect the subtle and physical realms. These centers of transformation and connection are called chakras. These chakras interact with and influence our thoughts, moods, health and other bodily functions. They exchange energy bi-directionally – from gross to subtle and subtle to gross. They are doorways to consciousness.” Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

In these 3 weeks, you will have the opportunity to dive into this fascinating multi-layered world. The yoga sequences and meditations will allow you to explore the idea of Kundalini yoga and to feel and tune into each energy center. The practice will give you an understanding of how these centers work with the emotions, the mind, the physical body and our spirituality.

Week 1
– Introduction to the dynamics of Kundalini
– How does this interact with the chakra system?
– Exploration of both theory and practice, through Kundalini sequences and meditation
– Moving from the 1st the 3rd chakra

Week 2
– Ongoing explanation and exploration of the chakras through movement and meditation
– Journeying from the 4th to the 8th chakra – our auric field

Week 3
– In-depth exploration of the 3rd and the 6th chakra
– The 3rd chakra is about our inner will, strength and how we need this firepower to get through life, achieve goals and flourish.
– The 6th chakra is all about our imagination, intuition, our protection, that inner navigation that allows us to glide through life a little bit more smoothly.

Paula Malherbe is originally from South Africa. She has been practicing Kundalini Yoga for 22 years and the effects have been profound. Through regular practice she has become more focused, a little bit more balanced, a little braver, and clearer. This is an ongoing journey of self-exploration and growth.