8-Week-2h-Course: Deep Study Group
‘Yoga for Personal Growth’ with Anya Kinneavy

Feb 09-Mar 30, 2019
Sa 09.30–11.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
120 €

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Incredibly valuable wisdom is found in the philosophies of Yoga and Vedanta for discovering greater well-being in everyday life. These teachings outline the search for happiness and positive meaning in life and explore the psychology of human nature. Although ancient, this wisdom is still hugely beneficial for bringing clarity into our fast-paced, modern-day lives.

This course is designed for everyone who feels ready to explore greater depths of meaning and understanding in yoga and meditation alongside the physical practice. Longer, 2-hour sessions give us time to go deeper: each class will include physical yoga asanas and meditation along with an exploration of philosophical themes and time for personal reflection and group interaction.
Some examples of the themes we’ll explore together are: intelligently managing emotions, relating meaningfully with the people around us, investigating the nature and effect of fear and desires in everyday life, and using meditation to distinguish between perceptions and reality for a more objective, manageable mental space.
The course will raise questions for you to ponder, it will encourage journaling and give space for your personal questions and discussions in small groups in a friendly, like-minded community. Alongside the class time, optional exercises and suggestions will be offered to take out into your week following each class.

You don’t need to be experienced in yoga, meditation or philosophy to join us. However, it is important to have an interest in yoga’s ability to bring about positive personal growth as a complement to the physical aspect of the practice.

_MG_1357Anya Kinneavy has been teaching Yoga in Berlin since 2009. She teaches the whole path of yoga, integrating the ancient and valuable roots of Vedanta philosophy with a modern-day awareness of the natural biomechanics of the individual body. Her classes guide students back to a sense of natural lightness, brightness and simplicity in the fullness of what is already here and now.