Dieser 8-Wochen Präventionskurs wird in englischer Sprache unterrichtet,
deshalb sind alle Informationen auf dieser Seite ausschließlich in englisch.

8-Week Präventionskurs: ‘Hatha Yoga’- Energy Wheels of Life: Unlocking the Secret of the Chakras’ with Krishna Kumar Krishnan

Okt 06- Nov 24, 2020
Tu 14.00–15.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
110 €

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Due to the current health&safety regulations, the number of participants is limited to 18 yogis.

We specifically recommend this course to students who
have been practising yoga for at least one year.

What is the secret of the chakras and where does the energy flow?

To answer this question, we have to first understand prana and the nadis. In Sanskrit, prana means “vital energy”. It is the energy responsible for all of our life experiences – both physical and spiritual. The nadis are energy pathways that transport prana throughout the subtle bodies. A bit like subway lines, the nadis carry the prana through the body. According to yogic philosophy, chakra means a central wheel where the nadis converge.
So they are like prana subway stations, where different lines meet and cross. The prana that moves inside of us is constantly flowing and circulating, and at the points where that prana meets, this movement is even more intense.

In this course, we will explore the different prana vayu that are located at different chakras through yoga sequences, kriya, mantra, yantra, pranayama, concentration and meditation. Learning about the six lower chakras (pinda chakras that related to the physical body) and the six
higher chakras (anda chakras that are related to the cosmos) can help us to become more in tune with the natural energy cycles of our bodies. This will help us to unlock the secret of each of the lower six chakras, that are closely associated with our neuroendocrine system and also connected with one of the five jnanendriyas (organs of perception) and karmendriyas (organs of action).

This prevention course can be subsidised by German statutory health insurance funds in accordance with §20 SGB V. The statutory health insurance companies reward the participation in our course and refund – depending on the health insurance – up to 80% of the course fees. Upon receipt of the registration confirmation, the participant first pays the full course fee. At the end of the course, the participant will be refunded the amount by submitting a confirmation of participation to their respective health insurance.

If you have any questions about the course, especially if you want it to be recognised as a “Präventionskurs” by your health insurance company, please contact Krishna directly.


Krishna Kumar Krishnan Yogamunīśvaradāsa grew up in a yogic family from South India and has been practicing yoga since the age of 7 in the Tamil saiva siddhāntic tradition. His experience of Western lifestyles reinforced his belief in the importance of yoga and mindfulness training for a balanced, healthy and sustainable life in the modern world, and he began exploring applying yogic philosophy as a holistic approach to life. He combines the essence of siddhayoga knowledge, that he learned from his father, with kuṇḍalinī yoga and with mindfulness, awareness and meditation techniques. Under the guidance of yogācārya Ananda Leone he also became a registered member of the Berufsverband der Yogalehrenden Deutschland (BDY) and the European Yoga Union (EYU). His yoga path has brought him to the realisation that different yoga practices suit different people and he explores his own yoga practice with acceptance, curiosity and joy. He is known for his sense of humour and dynamic teaching style, and his ability to present the ancient wisdom of saiva siddhānta in a fresh and accessible way.