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“When I was about 20, a friend showed me a movement which was so graceful that it left a deep impression on me. It was soft and flowing. The movement seemed to be in touch with the world, full of humour and happiness. Ever since that experience, I’ve been exploring movement.”

Annette studied dance, tai chi, yoga and meditation. She has been teaching a meditative form of hatha yoga since 2006. In a calm atmosphere, she creates a space in which everyone can get in touch with themselves and their world.

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Meditative hatha enables you to connect with yourself calmly and at a slow pace. By reducing stimuli, we are able to look inside ourselves with more depth and clarity. The atmosphere is loving, communal and supportive.

Space is given for you to perceive and share your own needs, something which is fundamental to cultivating an enjoyment of life and coping with life’s challenges. There’s an introduction round where this is space to verbalise this, so that each lesson teaches you how yoga practice can be adapted to one’s own needs. Yogis with physical limitations are also welcome.

The movements in meditative hatha are slow, soft and flowing. Meditation means giving up control over yourself and overcoming limitations. This can be practised not only when sitting in meditation, but also – as is the case in meditative hatha – in movement. The movement is guided, but the pace and execution are self-determined; this encourages and demands that you take part both actively and mindfully. Control thus gives way to devotion. Not to a guru or a leader, but devotion to oneself.

There is also a quiet and/or communicative final round with time to sense, share and integrate what you have experienced. This provides space for more relaxation and inner growth.