6-day yoga forest retreat in the Odenwald region on the Nibelungen hiking trail with Liina Tael and Victoria Simpson

Welcome spring with us on a 6-day/5-night retreat at our yellow yoga retreat location Gebhardshütte in the deep forest of Odenwald, about 1 hour from Heidelberg.

You are accompanied by 2 of our regular yellow yoga teachers, Liina and Victoria, who will lovingly support you with their experience and hold various vinyasa, yin and restorative yoga classes each day. Besides yoga, the forest retreats have many other wonderful things on offer: breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation, sound journeys and massages, talking and singing circles, campfires and trips to the swimming lake!

Retreat time is a time for transformation and (self-)healing, a time to recharge your batteries, a time for yourself – and a time together, in a wonderful community.

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

About the yellow yoga Gebhardshütte.

In the middle of the Odenwald – near the Nibelungensteig – Claudia, the founder of yellow yoga, came across the beautiful Gebhardshütte together with her family a number of years ago. Until then, the Gebhardshütte had been a hostel for pilgrims and hikers. Slowly but steadily, over the last 3 years, it has been growing into a cozy retreat center. The Gebhardshütte is deeply hidden in the forest, far away from the noises and chaos of the city. It has a beautiful and large garden, a spacious farm kitchen with a guest room for 28 people, many quiet spaces, several balconies, lovingly designed rooms and a small meditation room for up to 16 yogis. The décor, with its vintage furniture, is simple yet tasteful, authentic yet familiar. The place was maybe not created with a lot of money, but instead with a lot of care and love for our yellow yoga community. Our yoga forest vacations are community retreats and thus follow the principles of karma yoga, i.e. we cook together and everyone helps out. In this way we can offer each and every one of you a longer and deeper retreat experience even at a low budget.

What can you expect?

– At least 2 yoga sessions daily, open to all levels. Classes are held in English.
– Many different yoga styles: vinyasa, yin and restorative.
– A daily pranayama practice and a daily meditation practice.
– Yoga theory and philosophy.
– Workshops, rituals and campfires.
– Delicious and freshly prepared organic vegetarian/vegan meals.
– Unlimited drinking water, herbal teas and fresh fruit.
– The experience of a morning in silence and stillness.
– The possibility of massage treatments (not included in the price) and an optional sauna day.
– Relaxing walks in the beautiful nature and excursions and hikes in the surrounding area.
– In good weather, longer hiking trips to the nearby Euter Lake or Marbach Reservoir or an excursion to Michelstadt (not included in the price).
– Karma yoga = lots of fun chopping vegetables and cooking together 🙂
– And of course: a wonderful time!

*** Please note that the retreats will only take place if there are at least 8 participants.

Our body as our compass 
In Spring the natural environment is bursting with new energy and life. We are also part of that. How do we harness that energy in a conscious way to help us navigate our dreams, visions, and intentions? How do we embody possibility?
While taking delight in warmer days and the blossoming nature, during this retreat you will be guided with a somatic approach to movement, meditation and nervous system regulation, to be able to listen and follow your inner compass – a source of direction, clarity and wisdom.  

The total price with accommodation and full catering for 6 days /5 nights is

405€ – tent (shared bathroom)
430€ – 4-bedroom (shared bathroom)
455€ – 3-bedroom with balcony and its own bathroom
480€ – double room with its own sink (shared bathroom)
605€ – single room with its own sink (shared bathroom).

The journey can be organized by yourself. For the people from Berlin – we already bought Deutsche Bahn group trip-ICE tickets for a total of 70€ return including reservations, which can be used (see below).

There is the possibility for free accommodation against working hours for the yellow yoga project. Write to us at info@yellowyoga.


Reservation and payments
1st installment: 120€ immediately to confirm your place
2nd installment: 100€ by April 10
3rd installment: 100€ by April 20

on-site in cash: between 85€ and 285€ for the accommodation, possibly 70€ for the group-ICE-train ticket.

You can reserve your place here.

How to get there
By train
Starting from Berlin, we already bought Deutsche Bahn group trip-ICE tickets for a total of 70€ including reservations, which can be used. It is possible to use only the turn or the return ticket (40€ each). Payment of the tickets is on-site in the Gebhardshütte.

Departure: Thursday, 27.04.23, 9:17 Berlin Ostbahnhof – 15:57 arrival in Beerfelden Hetzbach.
Return: Tuesday, 02.05.23, 14:06 Erbach (Odenw) – 20:29 arrival in Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

If you want to organise your travel individually the final station is „Erbach“(Odw.) – with onward journey by bus to „Bullau“ or in Hetzbach Beerfelden Bahnhof. Let us know your arrival time in advance and we can try to organize a pick-up. Please book a cancellable ticket.

By car
This is the googlemap. Important! Arrival by car via the village of Bullau (otherwise navigation might send you through the forest). Follow in Bullau the Krähenberger Weg until the forest and left at the junction.

Refund policy
yellow yoga is a non-profit project and we do our best to offer the lowest price possible and we rely on the commitment of all participants. Reserving your space is binding and the retreat fee cannot be refunded in case of non-participation. If you need to cancel you have the option of organizing another yogi to take your place (fee 20€). This option is only available up to 4 days before the retreat (replacements on such short notice means a lot of re-organisation of transport, invoices, accommodation, etc.)