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Camille is driven by what can be experienced, learned, and unlocked through the practice of movement. To her, yoga is about exploring one’s body, with dedication but also with fun, to find strength and lightness on and off the mat.

She grew up in France doing ballet and started practicing yoga in 2010 when living in the US. She completed a two-year traineeship in movement pedagogy with Songül Cetinkaya in Berlin (2014-2016) and started teaching on the side in 2015.

Her teacher training encompassed several movement techniques with a focus on yoga and pilates. It had a strong focus on anatomy and on how muscles, the neurosystem, and bones interact with each other to produce healthy movements, supported by the breath.

core yoga – en
The idea of core yoga is to explore and activate the essential muscular centers to build a solid foundation for more advanced poses. Strength is sought as a means rather than a goal, though. Core classes help develop a nuanced perception of one’s own body through the use of mindful, precise exercises, through images and the breath. They follow a steady, rather slow pace and have a bit of a workshop flavor. Newbies can learn in a safe environment, while more experienced yogis can refine their practice.

mo 19.30 – 21.00/ en/ core yoga/ all levels/ Studio Sonne (alternating with Jessy)