Big Yellow Yoga Spring Charity Day
Sat, Mar 25

Join us in welcoming spring with a day of yoga workshops, food, live music and solidarity. The  yellow yoga team donates their work, so all money raised goes to our 6 different charity projects.

minimum donations:
– 10€ per class/workshop (or pay with a cake)
– 30€ for a charity day pass

We have a very special schedule including:

Studio Sonne
06.00-08.30 Kundalini Sadhana with Live Music with Sofia and the Musicians Christian Gröthe (Guitar) and Manjot S.K.Bhatia (Tabla) The Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Sadhana starts before sunrise – at that time there is more prana available and we can have a deeper meditative experience.
We will begin by reading Jap Ji, a Sikh prayer, then practicing a kundalini yoga sequence of asanas. After Savasana we vibrate together with our voices, chanting mantras with live music. It is said that when you give 2,5 hours  of your day to higher consciousness, by the law of karma, your whole day is covered by the returning energy.(Japji and Mantra sheet will be available for all to recite and sing along)
10.00-11.30 Yoga with Live Guitar and Ukulele Music with Brigitte &
Emrah Gökmen
Let´s start the day with a dynamic vinyasa flow! This class will focus on finding full presence through movement, enjoyment of life, constant connection, and going deep with your flow. Emrah Gökmen will accompany this class with Anatolian melodies on ukulele, guitar and voice – his beautiful singing in Turkish, Kurdish, Zaza and English combines western and eastern harmonies.
12.00-13.30 Singing Circle with Johanna Amelie This 90-minute class is suitable for all yogis and yoginis who would like to sing together. Johanna will lead the group and provide accompaniment on harmonium and/or guitar. There will be mantras and songs of all kinds to sing. It will be an open class, providing a space for diversity of sound and improvisation. The class will incorporate breathing techniques and methods to discover the body’s resonant spaces. There is no previous experience necessary and everybody is welcome.
Deep Flow Class with Live Ambient Music
with Carrie &
‘This Love is Deadly’
Slow deep flow with live music, featuring a live ambient soundscape set by Berlin-based band ‘This Love is Deadly’. An ethereal, lush, and hypnotic ambient soundscape will enhance and support the yogis in experiencing this deep and slow vinyasa flow class.
16.00-17.00 Lecture about ‚Dinarcharya’ – the Ayurvedic Daily Routine with Alex Find out how daily ayurvedic habits will increase your energy and allow you to form a deeper connection with your body. The Ayurvedic lifestyle is about increasing prana while balancing your doshas.
17.15-18.45 Vinyasa Yoga Class & Meditative Sound Bath with Stefanie We’ll progress through an invigorating Vinyasa flow class to warm and open the body, and end the workshop in yoga nidra supported by the healing overtones of Tibetan singing bowls. Yoga nidra, or yogic sleep, is the state of consciousness between waking and sleeping in which the senses are withdrawn but the practitioner remains awake and aware of the body. This is one of the deepest states of relaxation and, aided by the rich harmonic resonances of singing bowls, an opportunity to achieve a level of unsurpassed equilibrium and calm. Open for all levels.
19.00-20.30 Workshop – Freeing the Breath with Anya Experience your way to a full, free, flowing breath in this 90-minute workshop. The breath is vital in yoga, and of course in our whole lives. It is our link from the external to the internal; our link between the conscious and the unconscious. The state of the breath reflects the state of the mind, and vice versa. We are constantly reminded of the breath in yoga, and yet it can still seem so abstract. We will discuss the role of breathing physically, emotionally and in the context of yoga philosophy, then dive in and explore the breath experientially using awareness practices, yoga and meditation. No previous experience needed – this workshop is suitable and enjoyable for anyone and everyone.
21.00-22.30 Spring Dance Wave with Liina & Eli Let’s celebrate the spring equinox – a new cycle of growth and expansion. Liina will offer some simple, fun, intuitive guidance on how to tap into movement that is internally sourced, true, connected and free. Eli will DJ organic and electronic music from around the world for our dance wave of exploration and celebration.
Gelber Raum
16.00-17.30 Vinyasa Workshop ‘Balancing your Practice’ with Naomi In this workshop we will work on different aspects of balance in the vinyasa practice. Balancing on two or one leg, on our hands, sitting bones or even our heads. Balancing between effort and letting go and between the way we spread our awareness throughout our practice. Open for all levels.
18.00-19.30 Partner Yoga with Liat Practice with a partner is suited not only for couples, but also for friends, family members, or even someone you meet in the workshop. We’ll practice poses (asanas), breathing techniques and relaxation with the support and mutual help of a partner. Moving and breathing with someone else builds trust, breaks old patterns, brings awareness to new places in the body, helps to deepen poses and increase range of movement, which wouldn’t be possible without this support.

From 15.00-18.00 Anne Louise  Merrill (www.annelouisemerrill.com) will be offering massage treatments in Studio Sonne. Come and experience her angel’s touch! Sign up in the studio, no reservations for massages are needed.

All donations will go towards supporting selected Solidarity Projects, find more details here.

There is also the option to pay with a vegan cake, fruit bread, vegan quiche, etc. instead of money. Please let us know in advance what you are planning to bring and which workshop you want to take part in.

Note: Flatrates/ 11-class cards cannot be accepted on this day. All events are open to every level and drop-in classes, no reservations needed. The offered workshops/classes are instead of our regular schedule.