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Christian is a musician, producer and yoga teacher. He discovered kundalini yoga during his university years. When his kundalini teacher talked about a teacher training in France he immediately knew that this was his journey. Since the beginning it had a transformative effect on his life which he likes to share with others.

kundalini – de

Jede Kundalini Yoga Klasse ist anders aber kraftvoll. Es ist eine ganzheitliche Praxis und die Arbeit an dem physischen Körper ist dabei nur ein Aspekt. Im Kundalini Yoga kannst du Blockaden auflösen, die dich davon abhalten im Einklang mit deiner Natur zu leben. Es beinhaltet alles von Asanas bis hin zu Atemübungen und Mantra Meditationen. Als Musiker arbeitet Christian oft mit dem Naad, der Essenz jedem Klanges, sei es mit Singmeditationen oder mit Livemusik während der Übungen.

kundalini – en

Each kundalini yoga class can be different but is always very powerful. It is a holistic practice and working on the physical body is just one part of it. With this practice you can release blocks that are holding you back from living in alignment with your nature. The kundalini practice includes everything, from postures to breathing exercises to mantra meditation. As a musician Christian likes to include the power of naad in his class – the essence of all sound. This may be with a singing meditation or the support of his guitar during a posture.

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Music and especially the voice was always used as a transformational tool. It is a powerful way to calm down the mind and to experience what is in the present moment. With a combination of breath awareness exercises, we work with our voices and with sounds in different ways to make a connection to your nature and to come into a moment of flow.

The next singing meditation with Christian will be Saturday Dec 07 19.30-21.00 in Studio Sonne.

di 08.15-09.30/ de/ kundalini/ all levels/ Gelber Raum
we 11.45-13.00/ en/ kundalini/ all levels/ Gelber Raum
sa (alternating dates) 19.30-21.00/ en/ singing circle/ all levels/ Studio Sonne