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singing circle – en

This 75-minute class is suitable for all yogis and yoginis who would like to sing together. Johanna will lead the group and provide accompaniment on harmonium and/or guitar. There will be mantras and songs of all kinds to sing. It will be an open class, providing a space for diversity of sound and improvisation. The class will incorporate breathing techniques and methods to discover the body’s resonant spaces. There is no previous experience necessary and everybody is welcome.

Johanna is a singer, composer and music producer based in Berlin. Since early childhood, she has learned several instruments and was drawn to all kinds of musical styles and sounds. After finishing school, Johanna had spent 9 weeks in India and then moved to Berlin to study music and around the same time, she started practicing yoga. Since 2013 Johanna is touring with her own band project, releasing music and music videos and she is playing music at Yoga classes and writing music for Yoga Dvd´s with artist collective ‘yogee hanga sound’.