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Here you’ll find a few of our most frequently asked questions.

Please take a look through them before writing us a message, as you may find an answer to your question there.

Thank you!


I’ve never been to yellow yoga before. What do I need to know before I come for the first time?

Welcome! At yellow yoga, all classes are open to everyone. There is no need to register in advance – just drop in to one of our studios. In order to make yoga as accessible as possible, our classes are priced on a sliding scale meaning you pay depending on your income. For more information, check out our prices page. Aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts so that you have enough time to settle in and start the class relaxed. Both of our studios have enough yoga mats, blankets, belts, cushions etc. for everyone, and you can borrow them free of charge. You are also welcome to help yourself to hot tea and drinking water. Make sure to bring comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

This is my first time doing yoga. Which classes at yellow yoga are suitable for me?

We offer a range of different styles of yoga to suit all kinds of different levels of energy and experience. Classes marked “A” are designed for people with little to no prior experience, and “A+” are for intermediate-level yogis. In these classes, the teacher will provide regular verbal support in the form of detailed cues and descriptions of fundamental poses. Classes marked as “B” and “C” tend to be more physically demanding, with less input from the teacher and freedom for more experienced yogis to follow their own initiative. Classes marked as “all levels” are open to everyone, but may be more or less physically demanding depending on the style of yoga taught and the teacher. If you like, you are always welcome to tell the teacher that you have never done yoga before so that they can offer you some extra support in your first ever class.

Do I have to reserve a space in class in advance or can I just drop in?

Just drop in! We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts so that you have time to settle in and feel relaxed, especially if you have never been to either of the yellow yoga studios before. For evening classes starting after 17.30, we recommend coming 20-30 minutes early to secure your spot, as these classes are very popular and operate on a first come, first served basis.

Can I pay for classes with my debit/credit card?

We’re afraid not. Yellow yoga only accepts cash payments. Also, we are unable to accept partial payments, so please be sure to have the full amount with you in cash when you come to class.

I’ve forgotten something at one of your yoga studios. How can I get it back?

We’re sorry to hear that! As a first step, please go to the yoga studio where you lost it and check the lost & found boxes. The best time to go is between classes, when the studio and the changing room will be open. You can check the schedule to find a suitable time. In Studio Sonne, the lost & found boxes are in two drawers inside changing room, to the right of the main door. In Gelber Raum, they are in two drawers in the corner of the changing area. If you cannot find it in the lost & found, please ask the person at the check-in desk whether they have seen your item, as it may have been set aside for safe keeping.

Are your classes in English or in German?

Most of the classes at yellow yoga are held in English, with a few taught in German. Please check the course schedule for more information. English classes are marked “english” and German “deutsch”.

I’d like to sign up to one of your courses/morning challenges but I won’t be able to attend 100% of the classes. Is that a problem?

Thanks for your interest in our special intensive courses. We understand that sometimes it is impossible to attend all of the sessions, whether that be because of work, holiday, illness or other unexpected events. You are still very welcome to take part in the course. If you know in advance that you will be away for part of the course, let the teacher know and they may be able to fill you in on what you will miss. Unfortunately, yellow yoga itself is not able to issue refunds or partial re-payments for the whole course or for missed sessions after you have booked the course and reserved your spot. Issuing refunds would involve a large amount of administrative work and we need to keep our workflow as simple as possible in order to be able to offer our classes and courses at the current fair, social and accessible prices. We thank you for your understanding!

I’d like to buy some yoga classes as a present for a friend. Do you sell gift vouchers?

We do! If you want to buy a gift voucher, you have two options. You can either send us an email at explaining how many classes you would like to gift, and we will send you the voucher in the post, or you can drop into one of our studios between classes and buy a voucher directly from the person at the check-in desk. All classes bought as a gift are priced at the standard rate of 10 euro. The voucher will include the person’s name and the number of classes that they have been gifted, and come in the form of a colourful card packaged in a beautiful yellow yoga envelope.

I’m a yoga teacher. Can I teach at yellow yoga?

Thanks for your interest in working with us! We receive a large number of applications from talented yoga teachers every week, so we are currently not actively looking for new staff members. You are very welcome to send us your CV and any other information about your experience and we will add your details to our database and be in contact if there are any opportunities in the future.


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