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Alexandra was born in Germany and moved to Ireland for 14 years where she owned a studio and massage clinic. In her 20s she picked up yoga due to health reasons, and in her 30s she was introduced to Ayurveda and its holistic approach to health, wellness and wellbeing. After completing her first teaching certification in 2002, she deepened her studies with Natanaga Zhander (Shandor Remete) and his wife Emma Balnaves, with a closer look at the philosophy and physical practice of Shadow Yoga. In 2009 she completed her Shadow Yoga teacher training and has been a dedicated teacher ever since.

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Shadow Yoga – short for ‘Hatha Yoga in Shadow Style’ – was founded by Shandor Remete. It is a unique style, that has taken into account the Western lifestyle, while at the same time staying true to traditional Hatha Yoga texts. The structural approach brings clarity and empowers the student to establish self trust, intuition, and a home practice.

In Shadow Yoga, there is a focus on all forms of legwork. Deep stances and fluid movements that are partly taken from martial arts and Shaolin Qi Gong become an excellent base to enliven the breath. Breath awareness is used to sharpen the attention and maintain balance when the asana work becomes more intense, with movements often synchronised with ujayi breathing. The breath is also used to guide you deeper into postures.