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Alina has been loving yoga since 2006, qualifying as a 200 RYT teacher beginning 2011. Alina teaches an energising, strengthening and deeply satisfying vinyasa flow. You will be encouraged to turn within to listen and reconnect, to challenge yourself when the time is right and to cultivate gentle power in all you do.

“I teach strong yet mindful vinyasa yoga. I love vinyasa for the physical challenge that builds suppleness and strength and somewhat magically quietens the mind.

What to expect in my class? While you certainly can expect a good flow rhythm and a physical challenge true to vinyasa style of yoga, you will also be encouraged to cultivate mindfulness and precision in what you do, kindness and respect towards your body, and to adapt your practice to where you are – right now. You will be reminded of discipline and diligence necessary in yoga practice, but also to allow yourself to lighten up, to enjoy your asana, to open up and simply let it flow. The class is sometimes set to music, and sometimes not, sometimes starts or ends with meditation, and sometimes not. Have no expectations, simply come and practice. See you on the mat!”

tue 17.30-19.00/ level A/ Gelber Raum
tue 19.30-21.00/ level B/ Gelber Raum
fr 19.30-21.00/ level A+/ Studio Sonne