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Brigitte was born and raised in Austria and moved only soon to Berlin. She has been practising Yoga since 2007, qualifying as a Mulit-Style Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2014. Since then she has been motivated to share the physical and mental benefits of yoga.

slow vinyasa – en

„We pause and take note of our breath, our body and our general sense of being. Filling our breath with intention we try to create space within and around our body.“ Slow vinyasa is a class designed to slow down: Slowing down at the end of the day, slowing down the yoga practice also slows down the mind and gives the opportunity to cultivate presence for the moment, the individual physical, mental and emotional state. She teaches a slow, calming yet inspiring flow becoming contemplation in movement.

vinyasa – en

In her vinyasa classes she offers an dynamic flow focusing on the connection of breath and movement. In creative sequences topics and main focus vary from class to class: sometimes she teaches a grounding, steady practice, sometimes it is about opening up and challenging yourself – but always an energising practice. „As we keep flowing the changeability of life is most apparent. All the more it ́s important to return to what is right now, what holds you, supports and carries you – turn inwards, it ́s all

mo 21.15-22.45/ en/ slow vinyasa/ all levels/ Gelber Raum
we 15.30-17.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Studio Sonne
thu 9.00-10.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level A/ Gelber Raum
thu 19.30-21.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level B/ Studio Sonne