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Brigitte is originally from Austria, where she has been practising yoga since 2007, qualifying as a multi-style hatha yoga teacher with Alpine Yoga in 2014. She considers it as a gift to accompany students on their yoga-path and to share the physical and mental benefits of yoga. Trainings in breath-body-mind techniques, pregnancy yoga, Thai yoga massage and trauma-sensitive yoga broadened her horizons and the understanding of the human body. Apart from yoga she works as a social worker with refugees.

vinyasa – en
In her vinyasa classes she offers a combination of dynamic flows and quietly held postures to explore the depth of asanas, the quality of breath and mind. Her classes are founded on creative sequencing, the importance of alignment and the exploration of topics and yoga philosophy. She teaches a centering, grounding practice with the intention of cultivating patience and to honouring the body.

“As we keep flowing, the changeability of life is most apparent. All the more, it’s important to return to what is right now, what holds you, supports and carries you – turn inwards, it’s all there.” (Quote from a teacher who had major influence on her practice and teaching)

we 15.30-17.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Studio Sonne
th 19.30-21.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level B/ Studio Sonne