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Davide De Lillis (IT\DE) is a creator, dancer, performer and Yoga teacher now based in Berlin. He holds an MA in Choreographing Live Art at University of Lincoln (UK). He completed his Yoga teacher training at Jeevmoksha Institute of Yoga Studies in Rishikesh, India. Since his early movement/dance education, till his more recent somatic and spiritual trainings, he has always been interested in exploring processes that find in the body the means to dissolve ordinary perceptions/conceptions of the world and of the “self”. Davide is a caring, relaxed and easy-going facilitator, dedicated to create safe spaces for potentially transformative experiences.

hatha – en
This class is designed to enhance one’s connection with one “self”. It is a pathway toward union of body, mind and spirit. It emphasizes breath awareness and respect for one’s body, while moving through Asana sequences aimed to release blockages, raise vital energy, gain flexibility and restore balance. In addition, by diving into practices such as meditation, guided visualizations and mantra chanting, this class relieves stress and anxiety, helps us establish inner peace, a n d uncover our creativity and inherent intelligence.

hatha flow – en
This class links breath and traditional Hatha Yoga Asanas in a mindful and gentle flow. It is designed to increase coordination, flexibility, strength, balance, and awareness. It incorporates also meditation practices and Pranayamas, relieving stress and anxiety.

vinyasa – en
This class links conscious breath to mindful movement. Striking a nice balance between dynamicity and stillness, it combines creative flowing sequences to moments of fine exploration of the Asanas. Energizing for the body and calming for the mind, this class is designed to release energy blocks, increase coordination, strength, flexibility, balance and awareness in a fun and dynamic atmosphere.

mo 15.30-17.00/ en/ hatha flow/ level B/ Studio Sonne
fr 20.30-22.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Gelber Raum
sa 11.45-13.00/ en/ hatha/ level B/ Gelber Raum