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meditative vinyasa– en

‘Yoga is my door to peace within myself and peace with others. Finding inspiration and learning more every day is an ongoing journey that I love to share.”

Imke’s teaching combines a gentle vinyasa style with a philosophical approach and meditation. Having trained as a teacher for two years within the ISHTA Tradition, she has a solid understanding of anatomy and the physiological aspects of asana as well as ayurveda, meditation and pranayama. These classes aim to leave you content, with an open heart and strong roots. By bringing awareness into our practice we learn to be be kind and true to ourselves, our mind and body and to find what we need to let breath and energy flow freely. No detail is too small to matter, no pose is better or harder than another. Every moment is now and leads us into the next moment naturally: tomorrow is now is yesterday, and in the end it is all one continuous thread.

Imke’s late Sunday class focuses on calming and grounding. They are an opportunity to leave the week behind and recharge your batteries.

sun 21.15-22.45/ all levels/ Gelber Raum