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Jessy Tuddenham is a dancer, performer, storyteller, and… YOGA teacher!  She is certified through the International Vasishta Yoga Research Foundation of Kerala, India with Advanced Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy certificates.

vinyasa – en

Her classes flow with the influence of many physical and energetic practices, and a long line of inspiring teachers.

core yoga – en

A class designed to stabilize and strengthen the entire core of the body – front, sides, and back – as preparation for standing and advanced asana practice, a solid meditation seat, and general good living. The class will always follow a similar sequence, run at a slow and steady pace, and be useful to both the beginner, as well as the advanced yogi. Imagery will help us to access and engage deep internal muscles, and great care will be given to the goal of calming the nervous system. ‘Core’ will set the foundation for an improved yoga practice on the mat, and a healthy center throughout the day.

deep flow – en

‘Deep Flow’ is a fusion of Hatha and Vinyasa practice styles; approaching the asanas steady and strong, focused yet relaxing. It creates space around the postures to allow a deeper exploration of muscular connections, energetic imagination, and breath work. As we flow through the posture series, we seek the center of our individual power in the asanas.