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Jon Jacobs was born in 1981 in Germany to a German father and Ecuadorian mother and lived in South America until his early 20s. Jon discovered meditation around the age of 15 and has continued practicing ever since. 6 years ago he moved to Berlin where he now works giving intuitive healing sessions.

“Throughout my life’s journey I have sat in meditation many times, while being alone in my room, in the train, in the midst of beautiful nature, in early hours and late at night. I did never regret even one second of it. I have learned along Yogis, SaZen and Dzogchen Practitioners, Sufi Dervishes, Medicine People from South and North America and many other seekers of truth and carriers of light, as you may call them. All of them share the point of view that some form of meditation is beneficial and even essential to walk through life in balance and that discovering and deepening our experience of breathing and its relationship to our “inner” and “outer” life, to the perception of our minds and bodies and the world that we live in, and hence the way we think and feel, is of central importance. I would like to keep discovering this courageous act we call meditation and breath work and share the experiences and insights I have come across along my own path with you.”

Jon’s “sound, breath and silence” meditation classes make use of breathing techniques, movement inspired by yoga and Chinese martial arts, attention and awareness techniques, visualisations and inner journeys, silence, sitting meditation, music, kirtan, chanting, toning, smudging, and prayer.

thu 21.15 – 22.30/ sound breath & silence meditation/ all levels/ Studio Sonne
sun 21.15 – 22.30/ singing circle/ all levels/ Studio Sonne