Julie is a kirtan singer and a yogiraj (master yogi) and teacher trainer of the ISHTA lineage and has been teaching yoga since 2003, in Berlin since 2007. Native English speaker, Deutsch wenn nötig.

vinyasa – en

Julie teaches a creative flow class combining movement and breath with aspects of anatomy, philosophy, meditation and ayurveda, always with a sense of humor.

restorative yoga – en

The perfect complement to active practice, restorative yoga is the yoga of peace and softness. Long-held supported passive postures complemented with gentle pranayama and meditation allow body, mind and spirit to deeply relax, reversing the long-term effects of stress, illness, injury and the wear & tear of daily life. Julie adds hands-on bodywork, soothing aromatherapy and mantra chanting for extra relaxation and bliss. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention. All levels are welcome. Bring an extra layer to stay cozy and warm. More info at www.julieblumenthal.com/restorative-yoga

yoga & voice – en

In this class we’ll play with the many layers and benefits of yogic sound, from exploring how good asana alignment supports and frees the breath and voice, to traditional tools like chakra mantra and devotional bhajan. Like all yoga, sound work is healing, liberating and inspiring across all levels of body, mind and spirit: releasing tension, increasing prana flow and helping us express our true selves with steadiness, ease and joy. All levels welcome.

Prior to her current life as a yoga teacher, Julie trained as a classical singer for over a decade. She brings her understanding of the anatomy of sound and breath, study of mantra, kirtan and bhajan, and a lifelong love of music to this practice.

we 10.15-11.45/ en/ vinyasa/ level B/ Studio Sonne
we 12.00-13.15/ en/ restorative yoga/ all levels/ Studio Sonne
th 12.00-13.15/ en/ yoga & voice/ all levels/ Studio Sonne