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The body as a sound system
Listening – sounding – becoming vibrational

Do we know what voice is? How do voice and body interact during the act of singing, making sounds and speaking? Can we perceive ourselves as playful instruments where voice and physicality enhance each other? Can we become ‘sound oriented’ and ‘vibrational’?

This workshop is based on the method from the Lichtenberger Institute for Applied Physiology of the Voice. Attention is brought to the vibration, spaciousness and the malleability within the voice. Essential in this process are cultivating perception, ear training, and the inquiry of one’s own body. There is strong emphasis on sensory regulation for voice production, rather than working with a more old fashioned idea of ‘telling the body what to do in order to
Through this process, we can develop a rich, spacious and a warm voice within a receptive body and mind.
We could see this practice as a space for inquiry. Therefore essential are: patience, openness and willingness to let go of the urge to achieve something. A full commitment to all three weeks is necessary to guaranty a fast group development and a deep learning.

Robert Jan Liethoff is a Berlin based actor, director and a vocal coach from the Netherlands. In 2005, after finishing his acting studies at ‘De Acteerstudio’ (The Hague, the Netherlands), he moved to Berlin and expanded his studies in the field of dance and choreography at the Tanzfabrik Berlin. In 2007, he began his continuing studies at the Lichtenberg Institute for Applied physiology of the voice, where he completed both student and teacher programs and held a year-long residency studying the physiological dynamics between voice and movement.

Using an interdisciplinary approach to the voice, Robert works with classical singers, choirs, actors, dancers and performers in the Netherlands, Germany and Mexico. His work with performers is focused on refining their auditory perception and on developing physical sensitivity in order to clear the way for a warm, rich and spacious voice in a receptive body and mind.

Over the past few years Robert has been teaching voice and acting at several institutions around the world, amongst them: Mexico City University of the Arts, Berlin University of the Arts, Vienna University of Arts, SMASH Berlin (a 3-Month experimental physical performance program), Somatic Academy Berlin and Actors Space Berlin. Aside from this, he is working as a vocal coach with several bands, amongst them: ‘Mother’s Favorite Daughter’ and ‘Suns of Thyme’.

Since 2015, Robert is a research associate at the spatial Sound Institute in Budapest where he developed a lecture performance for the 4D system, called Space Body Intelligence. This is is a participative listening experience, which invites the audience to explore questions and ideas on the perception of sound. Space Body Intelligence was performed at Today’s Art Festival’s Circadian Program in the Netherlands and during the grand opening of the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.

Robert’s first theatre production ‘Zocken.’ premiered in Berlin in September 2016.

Sound & Voice Intensive – 3 weeks of intense Sound & Voice morning practice