*** travelling in January and leaving yellow yoga after February

vinyasa – taught with love and humor in english.

Victoria is a Swedish-born, US-educated and Berlin-based Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher. She has studied with many renowned teachers like Ana Forrest, Lino Miele, Sharon Gannon & David Life, and has been teaching yoga since 2007. Her classes are physically challenging and fun, in a dynamic Vinyasa Flow-style. Themes and focus change from class to class. Sometimes emphasis will be on hip opening, sometimes on arm balances or back-bends. The classes are set to a soundtrack of carefully selected cool sounds that helps lift the spirit and the body! The Friday evening class is a mix of yin and yang yoga, meaning the first half of the class is devoted to long held deep stretches and introspection.


wed 12.15-13.30/ en/ vinyasa/ level B/ Gelber Raum (subbed in January by Liat)
wed 14.00-15.15/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Gelber Raum (subbed in January by Liat)