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vinyasa – en

“Yoga is always there for me, accessible, expanding me, showing me my limits when needed, teaching me, allowing me to teach.”

Liat is a vinyasa yoga teacher, teacher for pregnancy yoga and a gyrotonic teacher. She graduated in the course ‘rehabilitation and trigger points’, and is a former modern and belly dancer.

The classes are a combination of flow and rhythm alongside staying in the pose and exploring the posture. Sound, breathing techniques and hand mudras are some of the tools used in her classes, helping us to raise awareness of our body sensations and of our state of mind. That awareness supports the practice and our well being, on the mat and in every aspect of our life.


mo 10.15-11.30/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Studio Sonne
tue 19.30-21.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level C/ Studio Sonne
wed 17.30-19.00/ en/ vinyasa/ level A+/ Studio Sonne