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Online 10-Week Course: Exploring Ambiguity with Éric Leclercq and Valerie Hartwich

May 10–July 12, 2021

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In a world full of ambiguity, uncertainty and subjectivity, how can we best navigate experiences that are confusing, or that seem to be more than one thing at the same time?
There are countless examples where we encounter ambiguity in our everyday lives: in human relationships, in the news, in art, within the questionable dynamics of spiritual groups, in conspirituality (the merging of spirituality with conspiracy theories)… However much we might want for things to be straightforward, we will encounter ambiguity in life. It’s important to understand what happens to us when we do, and how we can learn to consciously interact with it. This is an integral part of a rooted spiritual path that also engages actively with “real life”.  

This 10-week course is a series of weekly workshops that combine physical yoga practice with reflective inquiry and meditation, as well as exercises and concepts from other disciplines outside of yoga. This combination will help you gain an understanding of how the nervous system works, as well as your own personal and inherent biases. These tools and knowledge aim to help you better negotiate nuances and complexity in daily life, and hopefully strengthen your resistance to manipulation and (spiritual) bypassing. The goal of these 10 weeks is to empower you to investigate your own values and principles, explore how to live them effectively day by day, and apply agency over your impulses and the pressures of the world.

The topics of this course will be approached at both a somatic and a cognitive level, creating an embodied experience. This will not be a series of lectures, but instead a group exploration with space to inquire and contribute.

Week 1: Introduction & Roadmap 
Week 2: Psychosomatic Literacy
Week 3
: Neurological Wiring and Psychosomatic States
Week 4: Values and Principles 
Week 5-6: Spirituality in Context 
Week 7: Teachers & Teachings, Messenger & Messages
Week 8: The Power of Clarity & Confusion in Navigating Complexity
Week 9: Relating to Ambiguity as Part of the Spiritual Practice 
Week 10: Closing

This course is open to anyone, regardless of their previous level of experience with yoga.

Valerie is a psychosomatic bodyworker and yoga teacher with a psychology/sociology background. She is eternally curious about how we can gracefully negotiate being human, and has found yoga to be a powerful tool to help with that quest. She practices and teaches a non-dualistic and demystified spirituality that fosters curiosity, kind playfulness and agency through vinyasa, yin, restorative yoga, and meditation. Her teaching is deeply influenced by the fascia yoga and trauma sensitive approaches, giving it a psychosomatic dimension, that is the interplay of body/mind/emotions. She believes in the power of curiosity and play in helping us uncover the patterns that hold us back, and the strategies that create change. And is convinced that one of the keys to achieving this is to use the physical practice as a lab to explore, feel and observe how we are, how we work and how we feel. But also by using simple practices to ground and balance ourselves in everyday life that she loves to share in class.

Éric studied computer science and worked for a decade for big companies in Europe. Éric randomly stepped in a studio for his first yoga class (at yellow yoga) and ended up crying during Shavasana. As he started to practice yoga more intensively he felt a strong calling towards kundalini yoga and eventually decided to teach it. Éric sees the scientific and the spiritual as wonderful tools that complete each other, helping us give meaning to the world.
Éric shares a playful, kind, and exploratory yoga practice that uses elements from kundalini yoga as well as other movement and meditation disciplines. It’s a practice that moves freely in the spaces between lineages. The focus is not on perfect alignments but rather more on the degrees of freedom that postures allow us to experience.

What we experiment with in the classes aims to help us meet ourselves, open up, and freak out less. It prepares us for The Real Yoga Set: the one that is just outside of the studio, in the streets, at work, with friends, with lovers, with our family, etc.