Nov 29-Dec 10, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00

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Our thoughts have a direct effect on how we feel. And how we feel, of course, affects how we function in life – at work, in relationships, how well we sleep… Whilst it’s easy to feel caught in the push and pull of thoughts and feelings, meditation gives us the ability to directly influence our wellbeing.

This is a 2-week course that will explore key aspects of meditation – why we practice, which tools to use, and how to bring its many powerful benefits into everyday life.

We’ll use meditation to:
– find mental calm
– enquire into thought patterns and understand what effect they have
– break habitual patterns between stimulus and reaction
– explore mindfulness techniques and cognitive psychology (CBT)
– get more comfortable with emotions
– explore the deeper purpose of meditation in the Yoga tradition, Vedanta and Buddhism
– enjoy a deeper appreciation of everyday life

And we’ll learn how to actually sit comfortably! Each class will include a mixture of gentle movement to relax the body, breath awareness, contextual theory and meditation practice.

Everyone is welcome to join, with or without prior experience.

Anya Kinneavy has been teaching Yoga in Berlin since 2009. She teaches the whole path of yoga, integrating the ancient and valuable roots of Vedanta philosophy with a modern-day awareness of the natural biomechanics of the individual body. Her classes guide students back to a sense of natural lightness, brightness and simplicity in the fullness of what is already here and now.