Da dieses Retreat in englischer Sprache unterrichtet wird, findest du alle Informationen auf dieser Seite ausschließlich in englisch.

Join our teachers Rachell and Jennifer for our first ONLINE retreat “Unlocking with Kindness” from May 13-16 (Ascension Day).

This retreat comes as a reaction to the physical effects many of us are feeling as we continue to work from home, self isolate and wait for summer to arrive. These last few months have been very challenging on so many levels and we feel like everybody needs a well-deserved break.
We organized this retreat in hopes for you to find a few days just for yourself and to connect with others in a small group, even if it is just virtual. We all need our wonderful community more than ever these days!

Jennifer and Rachell have designed this retreat as a response to the physical, mental and spiritual disconnect felt by many of us. They have asked “what do we need now?and created a schedule that focuses on unlocking, release and freedom: not from the pandemic itself, rather an inner freedom. We invite you to a four-day retreat focusing on release, freedom and unlocking the body, mind and spirit.  In a space of healing kindness, we discover the power of our practice.

Jennifer and Rachell will guide you on a journey that picks you up right where you are, then slowly proceeds to untangle the physical and energetic knots that keep you feeling bound and in a state of unease. Gentle Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and a releasing movement practice, round out a weekend dedicated to creating inner space and self care. It is a reminder that you can trust in the midst of the unknown if you are relaxed, grounded and nourishing yourself with abundant kindness.

For the overall well-rounded experience, we will also send you some recipe ideas with yummy vegan/vegetarian dishes which you can cook at home to accompany your yoga practice.

Date: May 13-16, 2021 (Ascension Day)

Price: The price for the weekend is 180€.

Reservation and Payment: To reserve your place with yellow yoga please register and pay online here.

Please note: This retreat takes place Live ONLINE via Zoom. You will receive all the Zoom links you need to join each day a fews days before the start of the retreat.

What does the price include?
– Three daily yoga classes on three days taught in English.
– Vinyasa, Pranayama, Slow Flow Vinyasa ans Yin Yoga.
– Two special offers on Friday and Saturday: Yoga Nidra with Live Music and Somatic Body Movement.
– In addition to yoga, we will also give you some inspirations for exercises to do outside during the day and time for sharing circles in small groups.
– Recipes for three vegan/vegetarian meals a day as an inspiration to cook for yourself.
– A well-deserved break!

Detailed Schedule

Yellow yoga is looking forward to welcoming you to our virtual retreat space. See you on the mat!