We are really looking forward to welcoming you back to our in-studio classes in Studio Sonne and Gelber Raum! Starting from June 29, we are offering 8-10 in-studio classes each day with a maximum of 18 yogis in Studio Sonne (Neukölln) and 10 yogis in Gelber Raum (Kreuzberg).

In order for us to open with these limited numbers, the class will also be streamed live for the yogis joining online – but none of the yogis in the room will be visible on screen, only the teacher.

We want to ensure that everyone who visits us can stay safe and healthy and that everyone can practise in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

That’s why we have a set of careful safety & hygiene regulations in place. Thank you for following the rules below. We really appreciate your support!

BEFORE an in-studio class: 

  • Book your spot online in advance via Fitogram (in-studio classes are marked as IN STUDIO SONNE or IN GELBER RAUM), there will be no cash register on site.
  • Alternatively, if you are a USC member, you can sign up automatically via the USC app, but please do so in advance! To find all yellow yoga classes on USC, go to “Activities” and search for “yellow”. There you will find all of our classes – in Studio Sonne, in Gelber Raum and all online livestreams.
  • We will take a note of the names of all of the participants in the class, and store this information for 4 weeks in case it is required by the health authorities
  • Provide a negative test result (24h valid). We DON´T accept Selbsttests from home. The result has to be proved by an official test center/Pharmacy etc. Or show your Impfpass, if you are fully vaccinated againt Covid-19.
  • Please bring your own mat and blanket and a warm jumper (the windows will be open during the class)
  • Arrive in your yoga clothes (changing room will be closed)
  • Bring a face mask and wear it when entering the studio
  • Keep a safe distance from other yogis within the space and when entering the studio (a minimum of 1.5 metres)
  • Remove your jackets and shoes inside the studio, not outside in the hall
  • If you are feeling ill, stay home!

DURING an in-studio class:

  • We keep a distance of 1.5m while practising (we have marked the places for the mats)
  • There is no hands-on adjustment offered, the teacher will stay on their mat
  • The classes are modified, with extra caution during breathing exercises and no mantra singing
  • In order to keep the studio hygienic, fresh and safe, we will: open the windows frequently to ventilate the room well and clean and disinfect the studio every day. The ceiling fans will not be used.
  • According to information from the health authorities, it is NOT necessary to wear a mask while practising
  • The offline classes will also be streamed online, but only the teacher will be recorded – no yogis are visible on the screen!

If you still don’t feel comfortable practising in person for whatever reason, then we look forward to you joining us for online instead!

You can find our complete schedule (both studios and purely online classes) and the registration link right HERE.

We can’t wait to see you and practise together in our beautiful, sunny and much-loved studios!