Sofia is a multi-disciplinary artist, born in Paris with roots from Italy & Scandinavia. After 14 years living in Berlin, she moved last year with her 11 years old daughter to a lake, in the forest in a little village of the Uckermark. But you are lucky she comes to Berlin every Friday for you! Sofia started to practice Kundalini Yoga 12 years ago. She then went deeper with her Teacher Training in 2015, and teaches and practices since then. Sofia specialized during the last 7 years in guiding sound meditation. She loves to guide you through with joy and gentleness. Combining different tools she learned and practiced during the last 13 years, she is giving rebirthing sessions for anyone wanting to understand and heal his/her inner child as well as his/her own birth. She also teaches how to play the Gong in an intuitive way but for that, it is advised to go regularly to Gong / Sound Meditations for a minimum of 6 months.

Kundalini – en
Together with her you will practice Asanas, sing mantras, sometimes dance and for sure learn to meditate or deepen your relationship to meditation. Having clear boundaries when you are living in a big city is very important, as well as having a strong aura, but also that your organs all function to the best, so many different things we can learn and integrate with Kundalini Yoga Kriyas, but mainly of course to feel in Balance and centered.

“With Kundalini Yoga you can start to liberate your voice, you can learn how to breathe, you can release energetic blocks and just feel blissful after the class!”

Sound Journey – en
In Sofia´s sound journeys you come to relax, recharge and maybe receive guidance or inspiration. With care Sofia opens a space for you to feel yourself, balance your nervous and glandular system and feel connected to yourself and others in a more authentic way. Symphonic Gongs, Singing bowls but also special instruments like water harp, crystal pyramid, planetary tuned instruments are part of her sound journeys.

“As you listen to the gong’s sound, it will penetrate every cell and fiber of your body. The gong impacts the body and its meridians. It releases blocks, reduces tension and stimulates circulation. The result of this is a reorganization of the emotional energy and feelings that are tied into the body structure.” Yogi Bhajan