Special Event: ‘Embodied Astrology for the Leo Full Moon’ with Annika

Feb 08, 2020
Sa 19.30–21.30
Studio Sonne, Sonnenallee 67
15€ Drop-in/
5€ for USC-members and flatrate owners

Join us for an evening of astrology and embodiment practices. In this special workshop, we will delve into the astrology of the Full Moon on February 09, learn about the symbolism of the Sun and Moon and the polarity of Leo and Aquarius. In the astrological language, Leo represents the individual’s desire for creative, heartfelt expression, while Aquarius describes an original, visionary mind that recognizes itself as part of a larger group. Participants will be invited to explore the parts of the body governed by Leo and Aquarius through guided somatic meditation, a body-based approach to meditation that uses visualisation and felt-sense awareness.

This workshop is for anyone who’s eager to learn about the interpretation of the seasons and stars through their lived and embodied experience.

Also no pre-registration necessary, just come to the studio in time! No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary to attend. Please bring comfortable clothes, a notepad, pen and an open mind.