Special Workshop: “Santusht Saturday -Yin into satisfaction“with Yanina Prenzlau & Navya Sah
Feb 19, 2022
Sa 16.00–18.00
Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & ONLINE
Registration here.

Santusht means satisfaction in Sanskrit: संतुष्टि (Santushti). 

We want to invite you to a brand new collaboration of Navya and Yanina – Bangalore and Berlin-based Yin Yoga teachers – to dive into an extra-long session of sweet release and gooey satisfaction felt from head to toes. AUM chanting, Breath Meditation, Yinasanas and an extra-long Savasana will leave you feeling as if dipped into honey. We hope to invite Yogis from all over the world to join us in practicing together and thus creating a big bubble of love 

To be satisfied is the best virtue of life. For you and me to meet, yoga becomes the bridge of harmony. Come and explore yourself with us in a class full of compassion, patience and ease.

Come bow with us to the SOURCE,
Come enter the nothingness,
Come let go and dip into the sweetness of surrendering.

Let things happen as you keep yourself quiet, calm and collected.

This is an inclusive class that invites differences of all kinds. Each and everyone is welcome.

Allow yourself to just breathe and be.

Pranaam ॐ

Yanina Prenzlau has been fascinated with the body since more than 30 years now. Being a sports scientist (graduate from the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln), she has in-depth knowledge of the body’s structure like its muscles, anatomy and performance abilities and capabilities. But ever since being a Yoga Teacher she has truly understood that there is much more to the body than only its structure – there is the breath which can open up new horizons underneath the skin, there is the body awareness that can change the way you feel inside and there is the natural body intelligence which you can listen to in order to sense your boundaries and thus also what you really need and want.
As a trainer in (critical) political education she is very aware of the different histories and experiences our bodies and minds have been involved in throughout our life. This is why she aims at creating a safe space for every human being in order to fully unfold and feel welcome. She has started a training in systemic body therapy and has been on the path of shamanic practices for a while now. Yin Yoga has paved the path of truly going into a conversation with one’s inner worlds – may they be spiritually flavored or very down to earth.

Navya Sah likes the quiet. is a certified Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yin Yoga Teacher and also works across the realms of contemporary dance, writing and film. Coming all the way from warm India for the Berlinale days, she enjoys simplicity, slowness and detailed observation-making.