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Victoria Simpson is originally from England and each year she returns to India for spiritual encouragement. Living under the guidance of her teacher in the foothills of the Himalayas, she has participated and assisted intensive yoga courses and developed the tools to encourage personal growth. An unquenchable thirst to explore and understand her true Self deeply awakened during her mid-twenties, encouraging her to expand her practice and knowledge of yoga. She thrives on experiences of Eastern culture and philosophies, practises bodywork therapies and takes part in intensive silent retreats. Healing in her life came through community and safe spaces. In these open and supported spaces, there were many opportunities to work through self-limiting beliefs and doubts and this inspires her to share her practice. 

She completed her 500 hours in Akhanda Hatha Yoga and a further 100 hours in Yin Yoga; each style providing her with valuable techniques, lessons and experiences. Victoria feels incredibly blessed to have learned and to be supported by great and compassionate teachers and healers through all of her trainings.

Victoria’s class will be subbed by Liina until the end of March. From April onwards, Victoria will be teaching extra classes at yellow yoga.

yin yoga – en
Victoria’s introspective nature is often reflected when teaching Yin Yoga teaching the art of being quiet and listening, often entwining poetry and insightful writings that have inspired her. Yin yoga is a passive meditative style of yoga where asana is held for a longer period of time in an open and relaxed way. In this way, we target the connective tissues of the body improving the health of the joints and the meridian system improving the flow of chi helping to recharge and bring harmony. This class takes practitioners on a journey inside, taking a step back from the extreme yang culture we live in today and into a softer quiet space. Yin yoga offers valuable teachings to integrate into daily life.

hatha level A – en
This class offers a moderate sequence of the most familiar and accessible postures and breathing techniques and can be enjoyed by both beginning and continuing students. The sequence covers all the directional movements of the spine and all of the posture stations (seated, standing, inversion, balance, on back, on belly) and Victoria offer postures that can be modified. This class introduces the basic principles of alignment, breath, sound, yogic thought and relaxation. Students will learn some basic pranayama and some practical concentration and meditation techniques. Students are guided to move with the breath and let the breath initiate the movement. This level aims to balance flexibility and strength and cleanse the body helping to attain a natural state of health. This level evokes the physical and energetic levels of awareness.

hatha level B – en
These classes are to inspire intermediate students through more dynamic asana, pranayama and longer meditations. These techniques work synergistically to deepen your exploration of the body/mind connection, release blockages and cleanse outmoded thought patterns. This practice aims to heighten your energetic awareness and to balance and expand the flow of Prana. The dynamic sequence is woven through sun salutation, covers all the directional movements of the spine and all of the posture stations (seated, standing, inversion, balance, on back, on belly) Each class finds a balance between yin and yang, between structural cues and inner inquiry, usually the intensity of strong uplifting asana toward the beginning of a class are mirrored by surrendering, grounding postures at the resolution. This level evokes the energetic, mental and emotional level of awareness.

classes starting April 2020:
tue 15.30-17.00/ en/ hatha flow level B/ Studio Sonne/
thu 17.30-19.00/ en/ yin yoga/ all levels/ Studio Sonne/
Sun 10.00-11.30/ en/ yin yoga/ all levels/ Gelber Raum/
Sun 12.00-13.15/ en/ vinyasa level B/ Gelber Raum/
Sun 15.30-17.00/ en/ vinyasa A+/ Gelber Raum/