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3-Week Morning Challenge:
’Fascia Yoga – A playful and healing approach to enliven body and practice’ with 

Sep 27-Oct 15, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00

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The fascia holds many keys to knowing how your body works and what it needs, as well as how to better care for it. In this 3-week challenge, you will explore the unique fascial patterns of your body, and develop mini sequences to use in daily life, as well as variations for your regular yoga practice to help you keep your fascia healthy. 

Week 1
– What is fascia?
– The main fascia lines in the body
– Basic principles of fascia yoga in vinyasa

Week 2
– Fascia and the energy body: similarities in nature and needs
– Fascia lines, chakras and meridians 
– Basic principles of fascia yoga in yin

Week 3
– Fascia for the jaw/neck/shoulders
– Fascia for the middle and lower spine/diaphragm
– Fascia for the hips/pelvis/legs Please register

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