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Online 3-week Morning Challenge „Nada Yoga – Yoga of Sound“ with David Ikonomou

Jan 25- Feb 12, 2021
Mo-Fr 08.30–10.00

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Nada Yoga, the Yoga of Sound is one of the oldest forms of Yoga. 

Sound is a universal and very ancient medium of connecting body, mind, soul and spirit, and is deeply rooted in the yogic tradition. We are all unique vibratory beings in a vibrational world. Looking into the nature of sound and vibration will give us meaningful insights into our own nature.

During these 3 weeks, theoretical impulses will give us direction and inspiration, yet the main focus will be on practical engagement vocally and physically.

Week 1
– Basics of Nada Yoga.
– What is sound? Looking at the world and ourselves as vibration.
– The power of intention / Sankalpa: fueling our practice and giving a direction to our journey.
– Introducing Mantra as a general concept and going into the different facets and uses of Mantra. 

Week 2
– Rhythm and Frequency (Ritam and Vritti): what do they mean, how are they part of who we are, our daily life and physiology.
– Vowels as seed elements, their relation to the Chakras, effect on our energy field, their relation to the timbre (“acoustic color”).
– More Bija-(Seed-)Mantras from other traditions.

Week 3
– Going deeper into vocal exploration.
– Opening the field into other traditions: Sufi, Shamanic etc.
– Silence as Source of Inspiration.

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Online 8-Week Hatha Yoga Präventionskurs: ‚Roots of Yoga: Nurture the Essence of Yoga‘ with Krishna Kumar Krishnan

Jan 28-Mar 18, 2021
Th 19.00–20.30

120 €

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This 8-week course will inspire you to dive deeper into the powerful fundamental elements of Yoga. Yoga means union – the cultivation of a balance between the physical, mental and emotional bodies, and the breath. Practising Patañjali’s 8 limbs of Yoga can help you to integrate this balance, re-adjusting your habitual patterns for more equilibrium, a vibrant body full of vital energy and a clear mind.

This prevention course can be subsidized by all statutory health insurance funds in accordance with §20 SGB V. The statutory health insurance companies reward the participation in our courses and refund – depending on the health insurance – up to 80% of the course fees. Upon receipt of the registration confirmation, the participant first pays the full course fee. At the end of the course, the participant will be refunded the amount by submitting a confirmation of participation to their respective health insurance. Minimum 80% of attendance is required for the eligibility of claiming, that means 7 out of 8 lessons.

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