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We organized some very special workshops for you around New Year’s Eve.
Each workshop costs 25€. Be sure to book your spot via Fitogram:

December 28 – ” Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Journaling ” with Yanina Prenzlau
Tuesday, 19.30-21.30

Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & Online

You can participate Online or in Gelber Raum. Book your spot here.

Abundance is emptiness & emptiness is abundance
The time between Christmas and New Year is a very special one. We all feel it. It is the time where the planet is quieter and we are turned inward. We can actually breathe and pause. Breathe and reflect. Breathe and understand. Breathe and recharge.

In this workshop, we will do exactly that breathe deeply, pause, reflect, recharge and open our hearts to what may come. Yin Yoga is a very soothing, passive and soft practice and permits you actually feel and observe your inner landscape. Yoga Nidra can take you into deeper layers of your consciousness and relax your body and mind. Bringing a journal and your favorite pen might help to take a few thoughts into 2022 or keep safe what was felt during your journey into emptiness and abundance.

December 29 – ” Observing Transition” with Liat Levanon
Wednesday, 18.30-20.30

Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & Online

You can participate Online or in Gelber Raum. Book your spot here.

By being present we can fully enjoy life in all its aspects and really make the most of it. Staying present really is one of the key aspects to making the most of our precious time on earth. In this workshop, we will work on staying fully present at each moment by observing moment to moment. By observing our thoughts, feelings, asking ourselves questions and setting intentions. By focusing our attention on how we react to shifts within the yoga practice, we can better understand how we react to shifts in other aspects of our lives. This way we can become more present and connected in our daily lives.

We will be working on our physical, emotional and spiritual body through using yoga poses ( Asanas ), hand gestures ( Hasta mudras), head gestures( Mana mudras ), eye movements and breathing techniques as helping tools to activate different glands, nerves, and neurons connections.

January 01 – “Open Your Heart” with Gabriel Ching
Saturday, 15.00-17.30
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & Online

You can participate Online or in Studio Sonne. Book your spot here.

Our new year coincides in the yoga tradition with the transition to “Uttarayan”, the period when the Sun travels from South to North in relation to the Earth. The Yogis identified this period as a time of harvest and as a chance for human consciousness to blossom. In this workshop, we will explore how backbends, on a subtle level, can help you make use of this time of transition in nature, to harvest your human potential and open your heart for new experiences and knowledge in the new year.

Modern life, our jobs, all that time spent staring at screens… it all takes a toll on our posture and on the health and mobility of our spines.  And after a year of working from home and more screen time than ever before, our backs are probably stiffer and less happy, and our heart spaces more closed up, than they were at the start of 2021. Backbends are probably the group of asanas that are most helpful when it comes to balancing out and strengthening a healthy posture. They offer you the possibility to release tension in your heart and lungs and create greater strength and flexibility in your spine.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use your body skillfully to create stability, support, and integrity in all of your backbends, for a long, healthy spine and an open heart space. For those of you who feel discomfort in your knees or lower back in asanas like camel pose or wheel pose, this is a practice not to be missed. Here’s to a happy new year with an open heart and a happy spine!

January 02 – ” Be like a Mountain. Embodied Astrology for the New Moon in Capricorn ” with Annika Wisniewski
Sunday, 15.00-17.00

Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & Online

You can participate Online or in Studio Sonne. Book your spot here.

Join Annika for an afternoon of astrology and embodiment practices. In this special workshop, we will delve into the astrology of the New Moon on January 2nd, learn about the symbolism of the Sun and Moon and explore the spirit of Capricorn. In the astrological language, the earth sign of Capricorn represents moving towards future goals and ambitions and the commitment it takes to reach whatever mountainous heights we choose to climb. Participants will be invited to explore the parts of the body governed by Capricorn through gentle movement and guided somatic (body-based) meditation and visualisation.

This class is for anyone who is eager to learn about the interpretation of the seasons and stars through their lived and embodied experience. No previous knowledge of astrology is necessary. Please bring comfortable clothes, pen and paper, and an open mind.

3-week morning challenge: “Fascia Yoga” with Valerie Hartwich

Jan 10-Jan 28, 2022
Mo-Fr 08.00–09.30
Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & ONLINE + Recording

To join ONLINE please register here.
To join in GELBER RAUM register here.

ONLINE: You will receive the Zoom-Info to join the morning challenge together with your booking confirmation via e-mail.
GELBER RAUM: The number of participants in Gelber Raum is limited to 20 yogis. The 2G+ rule applies for joining in the studio (vaccinated/recovered and tested). Yogis who register for the online format are not allowed to join in-studio (due to the limited number of participants in Gelber Raum).

Yellow yoga will be recording the morning challenge and the recording will be available to watch for 48h for all yogis.

The fascia has in recent years been scientifically recognised as central to our well-being, from mobility to healing, the immune system, or emotional states. In fact, diving into the world of fascia is like stepping into a magical realm of possibilities, opening up simple, practical and deeply impactful ways to deepen your connection with your body and the world around, to tap into your own healing power and experience the state of union that is yoga. Each week will focus on a specific area of the body and we will move in specific ways to help you explore where your discomfort comes from and how to shift it.

This course will explain what fascia is, how it functions and what it needs to support greater overall health. It will also make esoteric concepts such as chakras, nadhis, and koshas accessible and translatable in modern terms

Week 1
– Fascia for the jaw/neck/shoulders.
– What is fascia.
– The main fascia lines in the body.
– Basic principles of fascia yoga in vinyasa.

Week 2
– Fascia for the middle and lower spine/diaphragm.
– What fascia needs for health.
– Basic principles of fascia yoga in yin.

Week 3
– Fascia for the hips/pelvis/legs.
– Fascia and the energy body: similarities in nature and needs.
– Fascia, perception and intuition.

All levels are welcome. Bring a journal for taking notes.
More information here.

8-Week Hatha Yoga Präventionskurs: „The Light of Fire“ with Marta Palombo
Jan 11-Mar 01, 2022
Tue 16.00–17.15
Gelber Raum & Online
120 €  

The statutory health insurance companies reward the participation in this Präventionskurs and refund– depending on the health insurance – up to 80% of the course fee. Please double-check with your health insurance first if they refund this Präventionskurs, because some health insurance don’t accept courses that are held in a hybrid format (Online and In-Person).

Register here.

The practice will have a focus on the third chakra, Manipura. This center is associated with the element of fire (Agni) and the power of transformation. On the physical level, it is located in the solar plexus, and linked to the functions of digestion. In our subtle body, this corresponds to how we “digest” life: our sense of agency and self-worth, as well as our willpower to define our intentions and take action.

These are some of the questions that Manipura asks:
– Do we trust ourselves, feel empowered and ready to face challenges?
– Do we keep healthy boundaries without rigid controlling?
– Do we feel motivated to set our direction and pursue our purpose through action?
The solar energy of the asana practice will be balanced with meditation and Yoga Nidra. We will cultivate the seed of our intention (sankalpa), the first step into manifestation, and bring it into our everyday life.

More information here.