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3-week morning challenge: „Yoga & Voice“ with Joanna Kupnicka
Sep 05-23, 2022
Mo-Fr 08.00–09.30
Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & ONLINE

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Our voice is an important part of our personality. Every voice is unique. Just like breathing and speaking, singing is also a natural process and a natural human expression. In this morning challenge, you can learn about voice training and singing and practice yoga at the same time. You will learn about the connection between voice and mood and possibly understand why you might find singing difficult.  We will prepare you for singing through a strengthening Hatha Yoga practice. During these exercises, we will playfully integrate our voice and celebrate the joy of singing.

During the three weeks you will receive theoretical and practical input from classical voice training, a deeper understanding of pranayama and asanas and their effect on the body. Together we will learn some songs and mantras, which you can then practice and use for yourself.

Week 1
Introduction to the function of the voice on a psychological and physiological level:
– How does the interaction of breath and sound work?
– How does the body function as a resonance space?
– What does it actually mean to sound authentic and free?

Week 2 
– Deeper immersion in pranayama and heart-opening yoga asanas for a more conscious breath.
– Vocal physiological exercises to perceive voice and mood more subtly and accurately.
– What prejudices do we have about our voice?
– Free improvisation and singing songs and mantras together.
– Training an understanding of rhythm.

Week 3 
– Individual questions and reflection on the previous weeks.
– Tension and relaxation – asana and meditation – sound and silence.
– How does my voice sound and what is my mood?

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