All our courses and morning challenges are held in English. This is why all the information on this website is only in English.


December 26 „SACRED REST – the gifts of darkness“ with Liina
Mo 14.30-17.00

Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE
25€ Studio, Online 20€ (reserve your spot via Fitogram)

Let us welcome rest, darkness and dreamtime during these holy days around Winter Solstice – this seasonal rite of passage. Whether you are celebrating Christmas or not, whether you are alone or with „your people“, use this potent time of the year to find solace in pausing and allowing your body and nervous system to remember stillness, slowness, softness and receptivity. 

Come and REST because you are exhausted!
Come and REST because that’s your birthright!
Come and REST to enter a liminal space and re-connect to a deeper wisdom and a different way of being, than pushing, striving and achieving! 
Come and REST for yourself and for everyone you encounter! 
Come and REST to be part of a wider community pushing back on systems that view human bodies as tools for production! 
Come and REST to once again know „your place in the family of things“ (from Mary Oliver poem). 

Somatic and embodied practices combining gentle flow, yin yoga, restorative yoga, somatics, breathwork, poetry and yoga nidra. 

December 27 „Common Sense“ – movement and body work session“ with Naama
Di 14.30-17.00
ONLY in Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67)
25€ Studio (reserve your spot via Fitogram)

Our bodies and souls went through isolation and separation during the pandemic. Individual and collective defreeze is needed (especially in the darkest time of the year). „Common Sense“ workshop is aiming to introduce back connection and sensitivity towards ourselves and those around us. „Common Sense“ will offer collective body work through physical contact and movement exploration. In this workshop we will practice different somatic care exercises which will be practiced with a partner and also be expanded to the group. We will touch, breathe and move in order to increase vitality, connection and sensitivity towards our own bodies and our environment.

Coming with a partner is not necessary. However, participants can come with one if they feel more comfortable. Note that this workshop is a unique experience that demands your physical presence in the studio. It’s our only off-line workshop. 

December 28 „Clarity and gratitude at the turn of the year“ with Valérie
Mi 14.30-17.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE
25€ Studio, Online 20€ (reserve your spot via Fitogram)

In this workshop, you will take time to see how far you have come so far, where it has led you, and where; possibly there is the need to change course. Combining journaling, movement and restorative yoga, somatic meditation and sharing will help you create the conditions to stop, feel, remember and see with more clarity. It will help you find gratitude for your achievements, learnings and the surprises along the way. And develop clarity about whether you are still heading in the same direction as before, or where the journey needs to shift, and how that might be done. 

December 30 „Conscious connected Breathwork & Soundbath“ with Kat
Fr 14.30-17.00
Studio Sonne (Sonnenallee 67) & ONLINE
25€ Studio, Online 20€ (reserve your spot via Fitogram)

Based on day to day life, we can feel pulled in many directions. Our career, relationships, and social life can all create imprints in many ways. In this session we will work towards owning in on the power of our truth so that as we show up to life, we show up fully, enabling stress to be a factor to hold us back. This workshop will open with an open awareness meditation that will give an understanding as to how our mind creates patterns that effects our day to da life. Following the meditation we will go into an activating breathing technique that works towards building stress resilience, purification, and connection to a peaceful state within. 

To integrate these experiences we will have a crystal singing bowl soundbath, also known as a sound meditation. Based on entrainment, your brain adjust to the frequencies of the soundwaves, bringing you into a theta state. In this state we become more receptive to our intuition and imagination, thus expanding our perspective into how we see stress and how we deal with it. To close we will wrap up the session with a reflective meditation so that all that has been received can be properly integrated and applied into life.