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3-week morning challenge: “Upleveling Your Practice: Arm Balance & Inversion Yoga Immersion” with Kat Schamens
Jan 31-Feb 18, 2022
Mo-Fr 08.00–09.30
Gelber Raum (Mariannenstr. 48) & ONLINE + Recording

To join ONLINE please register here.
To join in GELBER RAUM register here (2G rule without a test but with distancing!)

Practice and all will come.
Upleveling your practice is discovering the art of flying in an immersion designed to bring you back into your body every morning with the opportunity to traverse the comfort zone into a practice of growth. Our bodies are magnificently magical and hold so much power to heal and transform. We can learn a great deal about ourselves by shapeshifting in physical form and witnessing how the mind reacts to challenges on the mat. 

In this morning challenge you can expect:
– morning intermediate practices, tools and techniques to fine-tune your arm.
– balances/inversions/deeper expressions of asanas.
– an opportunity for growth.
– time to break down the more challenging poses so that there is time to play.

When we learn to overcome the challenges on the mat, we can take on challenges in life with a sense of grace while staying connected to our center of peace. 

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