3-Week Morning Challenge: Body-Mind-Centering ®
Space, Suppleness and Ease with Nina Wehnert

Nov 06-24, 2017
Mo-Fr 08.30-10.00, on Thursdays only 08.30-09.30
Studio Sonne
130 €

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The body with its structures, membranes and vessels provides form and spaces that are filled. The skin is like a boundary and it connects us with our environment. The membranes of cells contain fluid and allow communication with the fluid they swim in. The bones of the pelvis, the ribs and the head give space for the three-dimensionality of organs. Our body is structure, fullness and space. In the Body-Mind Centering® Challenge we move, breathe, rest, explore, dance. We explore the structures of the body and their possibilities for movement. Through anatomical ideas, movement, perception and touch we place our awareness on different body systems. We also explore the journey of developmental movements – how did we grow from a one-celled animal to a walking human. Different developmental movement patterns give support and ease to our movement and being today. Through movement with the finest awareness we evoke presence, three-dimensional full-body pleasure for joyous movement!

Week 1
Bones are the basic supporting structure, they provide clarity and lightness, they lever us through space and support weight in relationship to gravity. They are a container for organs and spaces within the joints give us the possibility for movement.

Week 2
We will meet pathways that different body tissues like bones, fascia, nerves and organs took, how they found their places to grow and develop into a functional multilayered full-body being! Understanding from where they come from and what they are now. It is a story of creating space and matter, of differentiation and integration. A journey of migrating, folding, unfolding, spiraling, touch and meeting- aspects that are still inherent in our bodies, in our dances -and in our lives!

Week 3
Developmental Movement Patterns and Fluidity!
Our structures and movement developed in the fluid environment of our mother’s womb.  Fluids support flow, ease and rest in movement. We will explore rolling, crawling, coordination from center to periphery, soft spine and fluid central axis as a base for our movements today.


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Nina Wehnert works as a dancer and teaches Vinyasa Yoga, Body-Mind Centering® and Contact Improvisation in classes, workshops, retreats and festivals around Europe as well as dance schools. She is certified as a Somatic Movement Educator in BMC® and in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga and received her yoga training at OM Yoga New York in 2007, a yoga school that combines clear, precise alignment in the form of vinyasa and buddhist meditation.

photos: Patrick Beelaert